Sunday, June 10, 2012

the magic of three

Three planets in the sky, earlier this year. I had planned a brief blog post as proof of barn magic.

This morning, husband away, I went out early and found Salina, who only yesterday looked so good I marveled at her swinging walk, flat out in the barn aisle, head and neck and withers right up to the barn aisle wall.

Two amazing, incredible teens and I managed to get her turned and calmed and one very special donkey boy, when I put down the ropes and said "maybe this is it," brought me a lead line and laid it at my feet and looked up at me saying without words but so very clearly "no, it is not! get her up!"

She got up. Vet came and proclaimed it Not That Time. Tweaked meds. Cleaned re-opened hip point wound. By the time the vet truck rolled out the Grand Old Mare was banging and whinnying for her breakfast.

We are grateful for every day. And I am thankful for barn magic.


Jessica Keener said...

This retelling is magical in so many ways. Inspiring and true, I love your barn stories, Billie. A whole book would be lovely. How about it?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Very scary for all concerned. I am so happy it was not time yet. Salina is one very special lady. It's good to know that the barn magic is still working.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Salina has often been in my thoughts lately.

Happy (and unsurprised) about the barn magic. Thanks for the update! (((♡♡♡)))

Kyle Kimberlin said...

I don't know about magic. From this distance, it looks more organic. I suspect what you've got there is a radical case of love.