Tuesday, June 19, 2012

look what the donkeys did - when good ripples out and back again

The following is copied and pasted from the comments in my previous blog post, and all I can say is wow - this is such a beautiful example of how good things ripple out and back again when animals and the people who love them are involved. I am so grateful for such caring young people AND their wonderful teacher. Thank you to all of you for what you've done for the donkeys and for sharing this here. It has made my day!!

This is what I have written, my class truly believe our message and our wishes will come true. We hope others will also help. Truly children have the innocence and understanding of what an animal would have. They can heal wounds and pain and bring brighter futures for us all.

Here is message,

Dear Jason,

I am a Primary School teacher living in London. One of my children randomly spoke out talking about his worry of donkey roping. I had never heard of this and so decided it was interesting to see what the whole class would think.

We were so hurt by what was happening and it was very difficult for my children to comprehend. They could not understand why someone would do this to an innocent animal just for fun. Their understanding and their opinions is what 'normal' people would feel and think. These children are our future and if we allow abuse such as donkey roping to take place, what will they learn? I am not saying that donkey roping is going to ruin all the children but they are certainly not learning anything of value.

I do my best to teach my children how to take care of the Earth and ourselves and the community. Surely, this is what everything is about? We as humans, who are capable of taking care of everything and deciding how the world works should also take care of the animals around us.

I am sure that as a human being, with a heart and a soul, you will help and support us to stop this cruel 'sport'. My class all say a big hello and are begging you to stop this from taking place, they thank you! Please can you help the donkeys to a safe place to stay and eat and to heal. My children will be having a silence of 10 minutes for the donkeys that are abused, hurt, lost, hungry or sadly dead. These minutes, we will be thinking of your good work and hoping you do your best to take care of the donkeys.

Kind regards,

 Rafer Johnson and Redford (a few months back when it was still cold and they had fluffy winter coats!) say thank you!

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Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Great results, and a lovely letter. Yay for the interwebs. ;)

How could anyone harm critters as precious as donkeys?!