Tuesday, March 06, 2012

spring! and some catching up

It's been a busy few weeks here - so busy that I had to take some stuff OFF my calender in order to remain sane.

We've had on again, off again spring, but I'm claiming we're fully there mostly due to my mood, which has taken a huge leap forward (hence the busy-ness) into a new season - in spite of the thermometer. Last week we had an 80 degree day and a brave carpenter bee, and last night it was 20-something and we had the wood stove cranking out heat. In between we are clearing beds and trying to get ready to start seeds.

Things are blooming: daffodils, maple trees, and some of the other early-blooming trees. The redbuds haven't bloomed yet, nor the dogwoods, but there is green showing its face all over the place. And the equines have stopped chewing tree bark, which means they have other things they're chewing on - new grass.

Salina started shedding several weeks ago and as of today all the geldings have started. The donkeys shed late, so they are still fluff-budgets.

This past Saturday the hunt club had its Hunter Trial to wind down foxhunting season. My daughter rode her lesson horse and won her class - and brought home a huge trophy, a blue ribbon, and a gift bag that had a gorgeous set of wooden hunt club coasters. It was a rainy, dark day, but the trial went on, and we managed to stay mostly dry and keep horses mostly dry as they waited for their turns to show off. There were some absolutely gorgeous foxhunters there, and it was a fun day all around. I admit - I was glad to get home at the end of it!

Yesterday we had hoof trims and everyone is looking much much better with the new trimmer. Salina actually lifted her front hooves to be picked and examined the "regular" way. Unfortunately, Rafer had to have some more hoof wall removed as the white line disease is still present - though not to the degree it was initially. We've had a lot of rain and mud, and it's being difficult to keep those little hooves perfectly clean. But he's not having discomfort now and we're working on growing new, tight, healthy hoof.

Today the pony had his little rider here and after the ride I got in my own ride on the Big Bay. I don't really need to say anything except how happy and grateful and lucky I am to have this handsome gelding in my life. Last week at my daughter's lesson there was a 73-year old man learning to play polocrosse. When he got off at the end and stood there letting his muscles situate, I had the thought that I hope, desperately, that when I turn 73 I am climbing into the saddle and treasuring the horse that carries me. I suppose it's possible that it could be on Keil Bay, but if not, it's definitely possible it could be on Cody.

But for now, for today, I'm a happy horsewoman with a handsome, sound, brilliant bay and at least a few sunny days in a row to ride him!


Grey Horse Matters said...

You're so lucky to have some color in your gardens, we're still brown up here. Hopefully, the weather will start warming soon.

Our herd is shedding also, what a mess my clothes are. Great that you managed a ride on the Big Bay, I'm sure he was wonderful as always. I'm hoping like you that at 73 (if I make it that far) I'll also be able to hoist myself into a saddle and stay put for a ride. Something to shoot for. Guess it would be a good idea to try and stay in shape with exercises and stretches.

A big congratulations to your daughter. That was a huge accomplishment and something to be proud of.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Spring is arriving here too - bringing the usual whirlwind of plant related activities. I always think I'm going to slow down and savor the season, but that never seems to happen...

I've had really good luck with Val's white line issues using Veterycin (holy water) - the gel version. It stays put when you spray it, until it has time to penetrate. I think I got it at Valley Vet. Not everyone carries the gel.

You must be proud of your daughter! Glad you and KB got in a ride. Planning to take advantage of the next few days here too! :)

billie said...

Thanks, A! And yes, I am thinking exercising and stretching is definitely on the agenda if I am to ride at that age!

I am so proud of daughter - in her usual wonderful way she handed over her trophy, ribbon, and bag to me as soon as she left the hunt field, and rode straight to the trailer to take care of her horse. Barely stopped as people said congratulations along the way.

billie said...

C, thanks for the rec for Veterycin. I think it's similar to Banixx, which I keep on hand and which also comes in gel form - but our feed store also carries the Veterycin in spray and gel too. We're going to do a Clean Trax soak tomorrow and I'll figure out what next.

I was also recommended a supplement called Kombat Boots which I've been told can help boost the vit/mineral absorption and hoof growth, resistance to these bugs, etc.

As a last (but probably really fun) resort I have threatened to just bring Rafer Johnson in the house until we can get those hooves grown in healthy again!

Máire said...

congrats to you daughter. She must have been delighted. I love Spring, although the water buckets are a real mess of hair at the moment.

billie said...

Thanks, Maire - she was! We are a mess of hair here as well!