Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Redford update and Arbico Organics

Just wanted to report that the little red donkey GELDING is doing quite well and still has his incredible firecracker personality. I was worried we might lose that, but thus far, he is still the same pistol he was. Just not so driven to act it out by bossing the herd. :)

Interesting aside: my husband was having a difficult time administering the PM dosing syringe full of antibiotic applesauce. He ground up the tabs and instead of mixing them into the syringe, simply put it on the handful of beet pulp with Redford's vitamins/minerals/salt/etc. Guess who eats it up that way with no problem? I would never have thought to do that, but it's much easier on him and as long as he is getting the antibiotics, that's what we'll do.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with Arbico Organics, the company I'm using this season for our fly predators. Their prices are competitive, the predators arrive on time, ready to hatch out very quickly, and it seems like the number of predators in the bags are more than when we used Spalding. I've not counted, so I can't be sure, but I'm quite pleased with our results thus far. We're two shipments in.

Arbico also offers a number of other items we use regularly, like food grade diatomaceous earth, flea nematodes, and various solutions for fire ants that I'm looking forward to trying.

But best of all, Arbico does not endorse trainers like Craig Schmersal. As best I can tell, they don't endorse anyone in the equine world, which I appreciate. I can purchase their products without having to research who they are promoting via endorsement, which leaves me more time to write books and stories and hang out with my horses and donkeys.

Thank you, Arbico. Highly recommend and will be adding to my horse products page soon.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear that Redford is doing so well. What a good boy to take his medicine any way it's presented. We usually just put what they need in their feed buckets too. So far, so good.

We're due to buy some fly predators too. Thanks for the research and recommendation, we'll have to order them from this company.

billie said...

A, I have one horse who would eat probably anything in his tub. The rest... probably not. So I was surprised that Redford scarfs down the antibiotics! But relieved, as it makes life so much easier for he and us.

He allowed me to brush his inside hind legs up high today. He's still a bit skittish after his ordeal but such a sweetie and so willing to let us put some good experiences back onto his radar. :)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Thanks for sharing the info about Arbico Organics billie.

Very happy to hear that a certain donkey is recovering well. Always a plus when medicine applications go smoothly, and trust is restored. Hope the hormone balance has been restored around your place. :)

Seven was altered yesterday, and I got to sit in on the procedure. Amazingly simple. The most intense part was giving and coming out of anesthesia. Seven was seriously f'd up for hours. He's back to normal today, and still his loving, sweet self.

I hope he doesn't get a pocketbook. I think I understand how they happen now...

billie said...

We are back to 5 bosses and 1 "employee" in the herd. Poor Cody - although he and Keil Bay are good friends so he at least has that status going for him!

Hope Seven does well - glad that's over!