Wednesday, October 26, 2011

more mare magic

I wrote recently about Salina's abscessed hoof and how scary it was for me until it burst. After three weeks or so of being completely sound and feeling better than she has in a year, Salina is now suddenly in round two of the left hind hoof abscess.

Interesting though that this time she is not resting in her stall where I commented that not seeing her head in that window was alarming for me.

This time she is resting right by my bedroom window so that I can see her constantly. I have finally put hay and water right there with her since it seems she really wants to be there. She moves around and goes up and down to the barn when she wants to, but she is returning to my window at all times of the day and night.

I was worried yesterday because she didn't eat normally, but this morning she ate her full breakfast and just got a nice shampoo bath of all her legs and hooves so they are clean and less likely to attract the last bastion of flies that have set in here.

I find it amazing that after I wrote the blog post about her window, she has placed herself literally a few feet away from me so that I can check on her with one simple glance.

Send some good energy for abscesses bursting and clearing completely. This one seemed like a doozy in its first incarnation - on both ends of the process. How lame she was and then how completely sound she got when it burst out. I am hoping this is a clearing out of something in response to putting her on jiaogulan and that once her hoof clears itself we'll see her bounce back with some renewed vigor.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor Salina. By staying close to your window at least you can see her most of the time. I guess she's smart enough to know where to stay when she needs help. Hope this bursts soon and gives her some relief.

billie said...

She is in good spirits again and eating well. This morning she went up the grass paddock to the barn for her morning hay and I can see by the area right around the coronet band that the abscess is getting close to bursting. If it doesn't burst tonight we'll wrap her hoof again. Unfortunately the local source for the homeopathic remedy that works so well is out of it, as I am. I'm ordering some today.

jme said...

sending some anti-abscess/pro-healing energy her way! abscesses are no fun for owners, so i can't imagine what a misery they are for the poor horses. with all the rain/mud we've got here, i'm just waiting... :-\

if all else fails, a strip of warm animalintex just around the coronet always works wonders for my guys....

good luck and feel better, salina!

billie said...

Thanks, j - we actually did that on Tuesday night and will do it again tonight if things don't progress today. I usually use the remedy first, give it a day, then wrap if the remedy doesn't work.

I thought when it burst the first time that it needed to drain more but it didn't and she felt so good I figured it was done. I think of the abscess as clearing out of stuff that needs to come out, so once I know for sure it's an abscess I feel okay - but it's hard to see them like this. This time, since she is not in her stall, she is not stocking up. She will stand for a bit and then move around to keep things flowing. She knows!!

Máire said...

Sending vibes for that access to burst quickly. I love how she has chosen your window, what a good connection you have - more telepathy! or magic - a much better word.

billie said...

Maire, thank you - it has burst but really needs to drain completely this time and I hope we can help that happen. Will be wrapping tonight with Animalintex for the second time and I actually found the remedy I need and bought it, so we're in business now. :)

ponymaid said...

billie - abcesses are the devil's own handiwork. From what I understand it is like having a ball of fire contained in one's foot, with no relief until the vile thing ripens and bursts. Salina wants you close at hoof in her hour of need.

billie said...

Sheaffer, she is much better but still draining! And on top of everything it got suddenly quite cold here and everyone is full of oats and ready to dash.

You would be truly proud (or else mortified) to know that Rafer Johnson bravely allowed me to do a hoof soak on him this week in which I filled doubled plastic bags with liquid, inserted his hooves, vet-wrapped them onto his legs, and then stood with him for 20 minutes while they soaked.

He was somewhat afraid but he stood it with hugs and some alfalfa pellets. I was bursting with pride at how brave and trusting he was.

I thought of you. And then thought of Jack. And then was glad it was over. :)