Wednesday, May 18, 2011

dreams come true and wisdom teeth

Over the weekend we discovered a secret trail system that appears to be like something out of one of my dreams - remember that dream where I cleaned out a storage shed behind our house and found a secret door to an entirely unknown part of our farm? That had another extension to the barn with a huge guest quarters and full kitchen? And a swimming pool?

Well, this is just about that good. We're in the process of exploring and mapping and checking, and it appears that we can ride from many miles right from our back forty.

Right on the tail end of that discovery the for sale sign went up at a neighbor's farm. She has a huge house with gorgeous office (perfect for the work at home person or writer), 7-stall barn, fenced paddocks, and a pond, all on 10 acres. If anyone is looking, or knows anyone who is, let me know. As it turns out, the realtor listing the property is the brother of my first riding teacher. His family shepherded me into the world of horses when I was around 9 years old, and he assured me yesterday he's working hard to bring another set of wonderful neighbors to our lane.

Otherwise, Salina had her massage on Friday right after the neighborhood horse-folk brunch which took place in our barnyard. We had spinach-cheese quiche, blueberry muffins, ham and cheese croissants, cocoa-date energy bars, more cheese for slicing, freshly-brewed coffee, and horsetail tea. And we were supposed to talk about muscles in horses but ended up talking about how horses talk to us if we only know how to listen. We each gave examples of this from our own experiences - it was really wonderful.

Salina was ready and waiting when H. went in to start the massage, and by the end Salina got so relaxed her knees nearly buckled. I was thrilled - she had cantered up the front pasture earlier that day, which was also a good thing - that she is feeling good enough to spontaneously canter - so it was particularly nice to see her so appreciative and so relaxed as she got her body work.

Sometime on Friday one of my wisdom teeth started bothering me a little. It's been slightly loose for about a year now, but has never bothered me in the least until Friday. I keep pondering the metaphor in all this, but can't quite get into thinking about losing any wisdom...!  Yesterday I called the dentist, they worked me in, and I walked out without that wisdom tooth! I had no idea when I went in that it would be coming out yesterday - I thought I was going in to get assessed and put on the oral surgeon's schedule for July.

Instead, my dentist, who knows what a terrible dental patient I am, said, "I can take it out right now if you want me to." I hemmed and hawed and also realized that if I let him take it out the ordeal would be OVER. No stressing for two months, no dealing with it for that long either. Something deep down in my psyche said YES, I can do this.

I reminded him that I don't even get teeth cleanings w/o drugs - and that I have a huge and unwieldy needle phobia. He reminded me that he is very gentle and that if I came in so quickly with this tooth I must be feeling okay about him. (that was a particularly savvy thing for him to have said, and likely what gave me the boost I needed to agree)

Between me saying yes and him coming at me with the needle, the assistant put the TV on the DIY channel (at my direction) and I sat watching men re-doing a back yard complete with hand drills and screws screaming into big hunks of wood. It was not the best choice but on the other hand it sort of made everything in the dentist's office pale by comparison. I ended up taking the straps of my Ariat horsey bag used as purse, holding them like the reins of a double bridle, and riding myself through the needles and the procedure.

I focused on being very careful with the curb rein, and also managed to squeeze the finger and then the wrist of the assistant as my mouth was fully numbed. When he came back to check, I still had a little feeling at the root of the tooth, so he came at me with the needle again. I rode right through it.

And when he came back the next time he stuck something into my mouth and 5 seconds later the tooth was lying on the tray. At that point I was in such shock that it had been so easy I could barely speak.

In 30 minutes I was driving home. Once again horses guided me through something I couldn't have done alone. (we all know who I was riding in that double bridle, don't we? Keil Bay and I were doing upper level dressage! No rollkur, the barest touch on those curb reins, floating movement with balance and harmony!)

I came home and took arnica, rested through the evening, slept like a log, and am now sipping chilled coffee since I can't have hot beverages today.

I feel a little bit like I've lost time this week, but now I can get back to the normal routine around here.


Matthew said...

I'm glad it went so well, and that you don't have to worry over it for the next two months!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Getting the tooth out and over and done with is much better than obsessing for the next two months. Now the only thing you have to worry about in your mouth is how many times a day you stick your tongue in the new hole.

Hope you get new neighbors who are fun. So cool that you found some riding trails too, that should be fun and right on time too with the warmer weather. Salina is a sweet girl, I'm happy to hear she loved her massage. Now they'll all be wanting one though!

billie said...

thanks, matthew!

billie said...

Arlene, I am so paranoid about dislodging the clot that needs to form I have not touched it one single time!!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Good for you dealing with the dentals. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I found that a warm wet plain tea bag was soothing really helped the clot process... the tannins speed it the process :)

Glad Salina loved her massage - she deserves it! How cool for you to have secret trails - what a wonderful surprise! :)

billie said...

C, they actually did recommend the tea bag if it kept oozing once I got home. It didn't, so I didn't go there. The arnica did the job I think - there has been zero pain and zero bruising or swelling.

Last night I progressed to brushing/flossing again and am now doing a salt water rinse 3x/day.

Thanks for the tip - I would never had thought of teabags for this!!

Julie said...

Enjoyed my visit to your blog!


Dougie Donk said...

So glad you felt brave enough to face up to your phobia & get the problem sorted.

I also learned loads form my animals this week. On this occassion, from Seth the JRT, who had to have FIVE teeth removed on Monday! He went in at 0830, came home at 1630; beat up the other dogs & then whined for his dinner.

Faced with such stoic behaviour, I immediately phoned my own dentist about a pain I've been ignoring for weeks. Turned out to be nothing more than a cracked filling, which was immediately replace & now doesn't hurt.

Reminded me of the need to focus on the here & now & not the "maybes" & "what ifs?" Carpe diem & all that :))

billie said...

Hi, Julie, glad you stopped by!

billie said...

DD, FIVE teeth removed? Wow! No wonder you were so inspired to deal with your own dental issue! Big treat for Seth - he deserves it!!

ponymaid said...

billie, how stoical of you to ride right through the dental assault! I think the loss of the tooth allows more wisdom to flow in - that's what Jack says and he is a very wise personage as a result of multiple tooth loss.

billie said...

Sheaffer! I should have thought of Jack - but then I would have had the entire dental team running as I kicked and spun around the room! :)

Máire said...

Your neighbourhood horse-folk brunch and the subject of conversation sound terrific.

Thank you for a new technique to get me through the dreaded dentist visit!

billie said...

Maire, if you lived in the neighborhood we'd have you talking about hoof trimming!!

Michelle said...

Wow, so impressed with your technique of dentistry tolerance. As I get older, I'm finding I need more of that!
And, boy, would I love that farm. It sounds like exactly what I want. Where are you again? I have been looking into jobs in North Carolina and for some reason I think you're in that area.....could it be some sort of fatalistic connection??

Michelle said...

Hmmmm.....I left a bunch of comments on your posts yesterday and they all seemed to go missing....Oh well, I was very interested in the farm you mentioned. What city/state is it in?

billie said...

Michelle, sorry for the delay. I was one of the people affected by the Blogger issue - couldn't log in at all for the past 24 hours - so although I saw your comments coming in, I couldn't get into my account to approve them!

Finally, it is fixed!

The farm is in NC, in a terrific location for jobs - easy commute to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, RTP, and Greensboro.

If you are interested enough to want a link to the listing itself, send me an email. You can always reach me via my website - billie AT billiehinton DOT COM.

Michelle said...

Sorry, Billie! After I submitted that last comment, I realized that they must be approved on your site. I had forgotten that. Duh. =) Yes, I will definitely email you about that, I have been meaning to email you anyway about some other things. Thanks!

billie said...

No problem at all - I am usually quick with approving so I know it seems weird when the comments don't show up! Will look for your email.