Sunday, May 01, 2011

promoting Signs That Might Be Omens today

Today I'm promoting my adult literary novel, Signs That Might Be Omens. If you've been considering buying it, go ahead and do so today and help push the ranking at Amazon!

If you already bought it, I thank you. If you've read and enjoyed it, I would greatly appreciate your taking the time to write a review on Amazon - the reviews do help with new books. It's also very helpful if you "agree with" the tags that you feel best represent the book. All of this works on Amazon to bring the book onto various lists where other readers can find it.

I also welcome invitations to do blog interviews, talk via Skype with book clubs or groups, and any other word of mouth promotion you might give. 

You can get a free sample of all my books on Amazon, but I've also pulled a Signs excerpt from further in and posted it HERE.

And remember, claire-obscure, hailed by Eight Cuts Gallery as "a delightful, enigmatic masterpiece," is a connected book to Signs. Both are part of the Claire Quartet, and both are available on Amazon. Click the covers to your right to go directly to the sales pages.

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jme said...

i've already bought 'signs' and can't wait to read it after i finish the non-fiction book i'm into. i just finished claire-obscure and all i can say! my mom and i can't stop discussing it. such fascinating and enigmatic characters. and eight cuts is genius - i love the concept and will no doubt be filling up my already super-full reading list there :-)

billie said...

Oh, j, that is SO good to hear. Thank you for letting me know.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope you have a lot of success with these books. I've read all of them already and left reviews. I'm sure many more readers will become fans.

James Everington said...

Good luck with this one Billie; I confess I've yet to read Claire Obscure yet but will get round to it I promise!

As you say, sites like Eight Cuts are great for finding new authors (that's where I first heard of you from) so my 'to read' list is growing exponentially...!


Michelle said...

I haven't yet read any of them (I'm still trying to get caught up on life after my hiauts) but they are most definitely on my wish list. I'm not usually a reviewer on Amazon, but I will be sure to do it for you! Good luck with this endeavor!

billie said...

Arlene, you're terrific - I so appreciate you.

billie said...

Thanks, James - I just bought Feed The Enemy, which is especially apropos this week, I think. I'm looking forward to reading it - the psychological aspects of it appeal to me.

billie said...

Michelle, thank you. I'm not often a reviewer on Amazon either but now that I have books there I'm beginning to understand how important it is to the authors if we leave reviews when we truly enjoy the books.

I really do appreciate the support of everyone who visits here - it means a lot.