Thursday, November 01, 2007

first day - writing update

I tried to get a photo of the partners in zen today to kick off this month's new project writing frenzy, but the battery in my camera died and I haven't had a chance to recharge.

However, I did get my 2k words done and am quite pleased - I had writing group today and so had to prepare the section from my second novel to read there. I was worried I'd get crunched and start off behind with the new work.

Hope everyone else doing this had a great first day. Here's to the second one!

UPDATE: As of right now, Sat. evening, I am inching toward 11k total words. And very happy with how this is going!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a good first day! I'm usually a slow starter and have to warm up to the task. I am true to form since I am not starting until this evening. I did already allow the curtain to fall back on the mind stage and now I must write. I'll let you know how it goes. I hope the news will be good.


billie said...

I hope it goes well, L, thanks for checking in and for the good words.

I have actually had a sort of blast-off with this project - I wasn't expecting it to launch quite this well, but I've got close to 10k words as of tonight.

I purposely built up some steam in advance of the first day of writing, letting myself think about the project but not work on it ahead of time. I'm sure there will be slow days this month, but I'm really happy I've gotten a big start.

My feeling is - if we're writing, that's the good news. :)

Not so much the quantity, although it's nice when things flow!

Keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up: I think your RSS feed died.

billie said...

Thanks, anon, I suspect I inadvertently shut it down when I was on hiatus.

Should be fixed now.