Wednesday, November 07, 2007

finding the flow

Monday my daily word count dropped to 800 words, which I was okay with, and yesterday was a total wash. Tuesdays are my busiest days and I got sidetracked after the farrier's visit. Keil Bay has mild thrush in his hind feet and this led to research and more research today. Apparently thrush is most common in horses with contracted heels, which can result from poor trimming or simply be the natural shape of the horse's foot. Either way, I need to assess this. The operative word here, for me, is ASSESS. AS opposed to OBSESS.

Writing-wise my goal for today is to find the flow again and get at least my daily quota. Generally what works is to re-read the entire piece and slide back into the rhythm of the writing.

Fortunately, today is much less structured and I have the time to do that.

UPDATE: I managed to get around 1k written yesterday and another 1k this morning (Thursday) and just topped 18k total - so I feel I'm back in business! I hope to go into the weekend with 20k. We'll see...


ajmayhew said...

Billie, this is great. I'll go "back" and read your earlier posts. I'm really impressed at your output, and inspired.

billie said...

Hey, AJ. This nonfiction project is flying along. It's a first draft and I'm not being fussy about editing as as I go. Plus it's been simmering for a number of years, so I think the pump was primed for this month's challenge.

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