Monday, June 17, 2024

November Hill farm journal, 213

 I’ve been exhausted for the past two weeks, since Little Man came home, settled in, and was checked out with two thumbs up by our regular vet practice. As is true for mothers in general, I think, we manage to put off sickness, exhaustion, and all the things that come with maternal cellular focus and worry until we know things are okay, or at the very least, stable, and then we … sleep? Fall apart? Catch our breaths?

The summer heat is hitting us this week too, and I took a long nap on Saturday and a short nap today and neither kind of nap is the norm for me, so I can tell that I’m playing catch up. 

We have 19 days to go until the pony king gets his back door opened up to his small barnyard paddock. I’m sure he and Rafer will be thrilled to be back to that normal, which, this time of year IS the norm for summer days. At night they’ll be able to open into the grass paddock and graze alongside Cody and Redford in the front pasture. By August we’ll be back to herd turning out together. 

When I write that seeing one horse and donkey in the front pasture seems odd, I mean it. It is so rare that we ever split the herd up or have needed to keep one in, seeing Cody and Redford, or one or the other if they’ve wandered apart from one another, is just not right. I find myself counting. I’m still shocked to see 4 and not 5 when they’re all together. I still search for Keil Bay as my eyes go from one to the next in my counting sequence. It’s going to be good to see them all together again. 

We’ve had heat and no rain for the past 4 or 5 days, or maybe even longer, as I’ve been too distracted to count days without rain. I’ve been doing some watering but need to do more of that for the further out plants that went in earlier this spring and need a little pampering this first year during the heat. I’ve only managed to do one patch of stiltgrass removal but I’ll get back into the swing of a little weeding work a day. 

The terraced beds look pretty good right now. This is the view from the back deck looking down. I glimpse these beds from the laundry room window as well as any time I drive in or out, and it’s a joy. Right now everything is white and pink but soon the yellows will begin to come in. 

And more white when the button bush blooms!

We learned last night that the owners of the property we’d been hoping to buy accepted another offer, which we could not counter due to our waiting game with the one thing being in place. It will be, but not in time for this property, unless this offer falls through. I’m trusting that the right thing will happen at the right time, as that has always been the case with us and real estate, and I’m confident that trend is carrying forward to this next and presumably final move. 

For now I’m circling back to my summer plan: do a little of a few things every day. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I know how you feel seeing the “not normal” amount of pasture boys. It’s happened to me too. But this too shall pass and before you know it everything will be back to normal. We’re also having a heat wave this week. I spent last week at the farm taking care of the herd,dogs and gardens. While J. Was in Scotland. Lot of work for one person. She was surprised she was there during an unusual cold snap and had to buy a hat and scarf for her hikes! Wish I was there and out of this heat.

Your garden looks beautiful.

billie hinton said...

I know how much work it is for one person so I commend you! I’m envious of the Scotland cold snap too - it would be nice to have one of those here right now! Thanks re: the garden. I am really slow right now with the heat to take much on outside but really need to do some watering and transplant three plants to remove them from Rafer’s reach in the barnyard. He is up to no good this today, letting Cody and Redford into the barn aisle and barnyard. I’m just waiting for him to release Little Man too! We may have to switch him over to Cody’s side and let Redford come hang out with Little Man.