Monday, March 04, 2024

Dreaming About Keil Bay

 For the past month or so I’ve been having exquisitely detailed dreams about the Big Bay. In one dream we took him to a nearby pond for a therapeutic soak. When I unhooked his lead rope, he bypassed the “safe” pond and power walked to a further pond that was deep and steep and rock lined, and jumped into it. While I fretted about how we would get him out safely, he tried backing up the steep slope, couldn’t manage it, and soared out in a giant magnificent leap that defied all expectations. He was fine. He was happy. This woke me up smiling because it is so Keil Bay.

In another dream I brought him to live inside the house for total safety. Within about an hour he was jumping up on the kitchen island and countertops just like our cats do. Thankfully in the dream world the ceilings and square footage magically grew to accommodate him. 

Last night I dreamed that a repair person showed up unscheduled, managed to open our farm gate, and Keil Bay and Cody trotted down the driveway and out onto the gravel lane, where they began to gallop up and down. In a panic, I ran with halters and lead ropes to get them. Once they galloped back to me, I saw they had tacked themselves up and were fully ready for riding. However, they were still having fun galloping so off they went again. As Keil galloped past me for the third time I called out to him and he turned to look at me, then slid to a stop, going onto his side and skidding for what seemed like many minutes. I was sure he would be injured but he wasn’t, and we finally got them back to the confines of the farm.

I also dreamed I brought Keil Bay into the house again, for another round of safekeeping, and this time I made him a huge comfortable bed of blankets and pillows in the corner of our dream world’s huge living room. It was a holiday of some kind, and we had guests stop by. Keil Bay loved lying snug in his bed while people oohed and aahhed over him. 

Later after everyone left I was in the kitchen bemoaning all the dirty dishes. Keil appeared in the doorway and said “I’ll do the dishes!” And so he did. 

I’m not sure what it means that he’s becoming ever more human and that I am trying to keep him safe in my dreams. I’ve long had dreams of keeping our animals and farm safe from intruders, but these safekeeping dreams are about his comfort, not his safety so much. 

In any case, I welcome them. In every dream he is 100% Keil Bay, in body and in spirit and personality. It’s a joy to have him in a house that magically grows to accommodate him. I’m grateful for these moments of whimsy and time with him. 

In an extra note, we hung the owl box my daughter gave us for Christmas and I am waiting for an owl to move in. With several big owl meetings at Keil’s passing I think the appearance of an owl in the box will be a huge comfort, not to mention generally exciting! 

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