Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Happy Birthday, Redford!!!

 This February we have two sweet 16 birthdays happening. Redford turned 16 on the 19th and I will have my 16th Leap Year birthday on the 29th. I’m very happy to share this milestone with Redford, who has been and remains the caretaker equine on November Hill. 

When he first came to us around 6 months of age, he came earlier than planned to help keep Rafer Johnson, who had a broken leg in a big cast, company. Salina had gone temporarily awol due to hormones and Rafer needed a companion at the barn. Redford came and took the role beautifully. Of course, once Redford came and Salina saw him, she immediately reverted to mama bear and would not leave the donkey boys, so then we had the trio who became deeply bonded until Salina passed away at age 30.

As the herd reconfigured Redford began to attach himself to Keil and Cody, always offering to stay with either one of them if needed. When Keil developed EPM, Redford stayed by his side and that continued until Keil’s passing in October. 

The herd is still settling into its new order after losing their long-time leader, but Redford seems to float between Cody and Little Man and Rafer Johnson. I’m sure he’s going to the one who needs his company the most - that’s just who he is. 

Since Salina’s death, Redford also tends to me. He began to leave the herd to come be near me around that time, whenever I’m out doing chores or just spending time with the herd. He has been sticking to me like glue when I’m at the barn since Keil’s death, and I appreciate his presence and his care. He is such a special little donkey. We’re honored to have him here, keeping his eyes on all of us. 

Here he is last week, sticking close as I worked in the back pasture. 

Happy sweet 16, Redbug! We love you so much!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Redford. I remember when he first came to live with you. It doesn’t seem that long ago. He’s a special boy for sure and I wish him many many more years to come!

billie said...

Thank you, A! I hope all is good with you and all your beloved herd and family. Xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Happy sixteenth birthday to both of you!!!!!! February is a good month for birthdays!

Just so you know, 16 is very young for a miniature donkey. We have three miniature donkeys over 35 years of age and our vet says no one would ever guess any of them to be over 35!!!!

With love,


billie said...

Oh, Marty, thank you so much!

I am hoping and expecting to have two amazing donkeys walking me around at age 90, one on each side. :))) I may need a little help balancing by then and I think the three of us could manage well three in a row. Big hugs to you!