Friday, June 02, 2023

November Hill farm journal, 184

 It’s a prolific year for milkweed on November Hill. The first three photos are the butterfly weed and daughter’s capture of some very bedraggled native bees in last week’s rainfall. 

This morning I walked out to the common milkweed going totally nuts and this is just two of the plants among many in this bed. It is the biggest milkweed show we’ve ever had since I started the native plantings. 

In a different but still beautiful vein, today’s artwork by my 2-year old grandson on his first exploration of my iPad Paper app. He used tools I didn’t even know were there. I love the colors and the lines, and now that this is adjacent to the milkweed photo above, isn’t it interesting/fascinating? He has created an abstract of my garden bed. 

It’s another lovely week on November Hill. I’m back to work in my garret with clients via telehealth, working on writing projects, and enjoying time with the herd yesterday and today as well as time with my grandson. There are of course about 2034 projects that need some attention, but nature and writing will wait for those who love them, right? I’m soaking it all in.

Life is good.

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