Wednesday, January 18, 2023

November Hill farm journal, 173

 It’s been a rough start to 2023 after we had a lovely Christmas eve and day, and then a pretty nice new year’s. The first week in the new year I came down with what I think was influenza. I tested negative for Covid and it seemed more like the flu than anything else. Sudden, fever, intense aches/pains, and a racking cough. I was out for the count for a solid week! Daughter then husband both got it a few days after I did, so we were definitely a household of achy, grumpy people. Mostly better now, with a slowly fading but much better cough.

All the outdoor chores are piled up and I suspect we’ll be playing catch up for the next couple of weeks. Thankfully this week we’ve had warmer weather and it’s easier to be out than it was last week. 

I’m glad to be done with this!

I do have a couple of omen day moments to share. On new year’s day, my husband and I did hoof trims and a little while later I was inside and looked out the kitchen window to see Cody and Keil Bay doing the most beautiful trotting and cantering in the arena together. Keil looked 100% the way he did when he was 15 and newly mine, elegant and floating, with suspension and total schwung in his movement. Cody was doing his amazing collected trot and their cantering was just dream-like. I was so happy to see them moving so well, especially Keil Bay. At almost 34 this wasn’t something I expected, but it was an amazing gift and if it portends anything for the coming year, I welcome it! 

The last night of the final omen day I was driving down the lane after dark when my headlights landed on a huge owl divebombing a rabbit. The owl had just taken hold of the rabbit when my lights illuminated the scene, and it dropped the rabbit, and flew away. The rabbit bounded to safety. I love owls and I love rabbits so it was an amazing sight. I’m glad the bunny got away, though I know owls need to eat too. 

Thankfully the flu came after the omen days ended so my plan is that it portends nothing about this year and simply means my immune system is now officially updated!

Right now it’s a fairly quiet time here on the farm. Most of the plants and trees are dormant. The paddocks look like no grass or other living thing will ever grow there again. But I know I think that every year and each spring I’m shocked when there ends up being so much grass we have to consider grazing muzzles. 

The winter sky has been beautiful almost every night. I miss the Christmas trees lights in the corner of the dining room, but it was time this past weekend to take them down. In the past few days I resumed my yoga practice and have been making efforts to get back to my daily reading time. I have plenty of painting to do - finishing up the bathroom, moving downstairs to bedroom and guest bath. I have projects going, but they’re all slow and easy. 

I don’t at all mind the thought of another month of winter but I am secretly hoping for an early spring. 


Kathleen said...

So glad to hear that you're feeling better, but sorry you've been ill. Good luck with all of the catch-up chores. It's so nice that we're having these lovely, warm days in January to make it a little easier.
I too had a couple of interesting omen day moments. I actually had to laugh that I didn't notice that they might be omens because I'm rarely surprised by what others probably consider unusual happenings. A pine warbler flew into my screened porch and my puppy grabbed it before I could restrain her. She, thankfully, gave up the uninjured bird which I examined before releasing it. Later that night, I thought about what a gift it was to hold that tiny bird for those few moments. I'm sure the bird didn't feel the same. :)
Wishing you speeding healing and more happy horse antics.

billie said...

Do you know of Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak? If not, you might enjoy it - he looks at symbolism and messages to take from many different animals that we either have sightings or close encounters with. Also has a companion book that does the same with plants and trees. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and look at owl and rabbit to remind myself what some of the layers of that might be. I know horse well enough to have some ideas about the powerful dancing Keil and Cody were doing though! :)

Kathleen said...

Thank you for the recommendation! I've heard of the book, but have not read it. I'll definitely check it out.