Tuesday, November 15, 2022

November Hill farm journal, 170

 Feels like winter has dropped down this past couple of days! Yesterday morning the Sun Kings puffed out of their summery bodies and soaked in the sunshine:

While it was cold on November Hill, it was seriously cold up at Stillwater, where we got the first snowfall of the season:

When I look at this inviting path that we’ve named Red Oak Wander, I think of the very first poem I learned to recite in second grade. Robert Frost’s Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening is a poem that I’ve loved since I first read it, and this scene illustrates everything I love about it. The allure of the snowy path, the shadowy forest, the knowing that outside the frame of this invitation, a warm home awaits. And of course the jingle of harness bells on a horse was something that I desperately wanted to hear as a young child. 

Inside the warm home here I finally got the upstairs bathroom painted, much of it done in the evening after the sun went down. 

I have had this particular color, Benjamin Moore’s First Light, on my mind for YEARS for this bathroom. It’s a long narrow bathroom that opens to two bedrooms upstairs, and it has one decent-sized window through which the morning sun comes in. I wanted to celebrate that light, but I also wanted a color that would be inviting in the evening light of bulbs. It’s hard to know how a paint will look until you get the entire room done, and by then, I’m not likely to change my mind if it isn’t perfection, but this color does the perfect job for my vision. I couldn’t wait to see it the next morning.

I wasn’t disappointed. This morning light is precisely what I imagined. 

For anyone who is a paint geek, I need to let you know that Benjamin Moore paints, and this is the one specifically for bathrooms, is a dream to work with. I’m not an expert painter, and while I get in the zone off and on as I paint a room, I make mistakes and I hate working with rollers, so I need a paint that goes on well with a brush. This one was so forgiving. I love it. 

I still have to paint the trim - in Benjamin Moore pearlescent finish White Dove. It’s the color Iused for the laundry room ceiling that, instead of matte, lets the light play and makes the room seem larger. Yes, I still have to paint this bathroom ceiling too! 

The painting projects abound here and I am resisting the urge to list them all out. I’ll get to them as the creative spirit moves me. A new mantra!

For now, I’m just enjoying the light and the very subtle color in this bathroom, finally getting its turn at being spruced up. 

Soon to come: the bathroom cabinets! the closet interior! 

Outside, right now, the goldfinches are sporting their changing to winter colors and are darting in and out of the pollinator beds eating the seeds that are there for them because I don’t remove the plants. I leave everything to overwinter, and the birds and insects love it. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

It looks like a really pretty color. Very subtle and it brightens the room. Good choice. I always use Benjamin Moore paints too.

We’re getting much colder here too. Even had a few inches of snow at the farm. It’s melted quickly though.

billie said...

I blanketed Keil last night - in the 20s here on November Hill and -2 up on our grassy bald! Hoping you guys are not in the path of the perimeter of that massive storm going toward Buffalo. The idea of 3-4 feet of snow blows my mind. Stay safe, stay warm!

Grey Horse Matters said...

No we’re nowhere near Buffalo. They’re really going to get slammed. My husband has a few cousins who live there though. They all know how to deal with that weather from past experience. It’s cold here though ,low 30’s at night. Not too bad though. You really seem very cold for your area.

Matthew said...

OMG that poem and picture - perfect pair!

billie said...

A, I somehow missed responding - our daughter-in-law grew up in Buffalo and says everyone who lives there know how to deal with it, as you say. I can’t even fathom it!

billie said...

Matthew, yes!