Saturday, September 24, 2022

Writing weekend! Much needed by me…

 Busy week with a messy ending thanks to me face planting in the arena (thankfully not related to a horse), so I’m especially happy to be back in the garret with my two writing colleagues having Zoom meetings and discussing our projects and works in progress.

I’m back to the TV series pilot and happy to be in that world for this weekend. 

I’ve been noticing some light refraction on my photos recently and realized last night the lens protector is cracked. I didn’t even know it had a protective screen on it, and not sure if the phone comes with it, or we put it there (this phone was inherited by me from another family member). In either case, replacements are super cheap and I’ll get one ordered. All to say excuse the odd light at the bottom and right side of the photo. :)

Happy weekend, all! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope you’re ok, a face plant is never fun. Glad to hear you’ve had some time to write and be with your writing friends. Love your writing nook,so cozy.

billie said...

Thank you. There was blood, embedded grit, tears, and huge swelling, but manuka honey alternated with triple antibiotic ointment and some ibuprofen, arnica, and bellis perennis have gotten me through! And of course, having writing workshop Thursday night, then writing weekend made everything better. :)