Thursday, August 25, 2022

Good Thoughts For Clementine

Update: Clem sailed through her surgery and came home yesterday afternoon. She had a restful night and I woke up to her nose touching my face and her tail wagging, as I always do. She has some healing to do but this is her enjoying her morning today:

 Our sweetheart golden retriever Clementine is having surgery today to remove the local lymph node to the previous mast cell tumor she had. We are hoping this is it for surgery for her, and that with diet, supplementation, homeopathic protocol, and any recommended treatment by her oncology team once they get the pathology report on this lymph node, she will have many more happy and healthy years with us.

Clem is a brilliant and loving dog. After living with Corgis for so many years, it’s been fascinating to learn the behaviors of a whole different breed. Retrievers are so much different than herding dogs! Clem comes from many generations of service dogs and along with her retriever characteristics, she is totally tuned in to her people. More so than any dog I’ve ever known, Clem does something I call soul gazing, where she comes and stands so she can gaze deeply into my eyes. It feels like she is sending healing eyebeams of love into my total being.

Send some good thoughts her way today for a successful surgery. 

Here’s a recent video of her harvesting a fig. She is almost too good at harvesting things and after 20-some years with Corgis we have had to curtail our habits of leaving various and sundry things on counter tops and kitchen island!


Kathleen said...

Hoping for great news from the biopsy. LOVE the fig harvesting technique too. :)

billie said...

Thank you! We hope the same. She is frighteningly good at getting things she wants, whether it be figs or things she really should not have. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear she did well with her surgery. Fingers crossed her biopsy comes with a good report. She's such a sweetheart. Love the fig harvesting. Smart gal.

I'm picking my pup Angus up in a few hours. He was neutered this morning and did well. So he's got a few weeks of recovery ahead of him. I'm sure he'll be wearing "the cone of shame" when I get him. I bought him a round collar that you blow up for after surgery and he immediately got it off with his paws, so it's the cone for him.

billie said...

Yay, Angus! Boo cone, but you gotta do what works! I would love to see some photos of him when you get a chance!