Friday, July 22, 2022

November Hill farm journal, 161

It's been a week. My brother and my mom both tested positive for Covid, and thankfully both have had mild cases. My mom got Paxlovid as a precaution due to her age. Also thankfully, I wasn't exposed, and I've stayed away this week and won't see her again until everything is clear. However, I started having my own symptoms over the weekend - these are what I think are allergy symptoms that I've been having off and on since early spring. I did a Covid test every day for four days, all negative, and I've sent in a PCR test just to be sure. I'm feeling better at this point, but haven't had much energy and so have barely been outside. At the moment I'm suffering from not being out and about! This should be remedied today. We've continued to get regular rain and also heat, but not as high as has been predicted. It's still a jungle out there! Clementine had her oncology consult on Monday. They've recommended the lymph node come out and she's on the list for late September. Her regular vet practice are considering if they can do this sooner. Cody has tested positive for Lyme disease and we're waiting for the antibiotic to come in so we can get him started on it. This week it feels like a vet clinic and a Covid clinic combined! Keil Bay keeps me on my toes. On Sunday when I went out to feed his mid-day meal, I was a few minutes late and this was my greeting:


Grey Horse Matters said...

It certainly has been a week for you. Same goes here, my sister has Covid for the past week, the one son she lives with has it, her other son has it and his 4 yr. old daughter got it. We're all worried that his 1 month old son will get it. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have it too. So it's running rampant across the country. I hope your mom and brother get better quickly and you don't have it.

Cody should be fine once he starts the meds. I haven't had a horse here that didn't have Lyme at one point or another and it clears up with the meds quickly.

And Keil Bay couldn't care less about anything but how come his food was a little late! It's good to be a horse well taken care of.

billie said...

Oh no, sounds like the Covid thing is definitely ramping up in the US. I hope all your family members soon test negative and get back to their healthy selves! I don’t think I have it. My brother who my mom lives with was negative until today when he said both he and my mom’s tests turned positive within seconds. She is back to normal he says but she’s still testing positive, and he has had symptoms for several days but just tested positive today. He had assumed he had it and had a wracking cough yesterday but says he’s much better today.

I sure hope Cody improves on the meds for Lyme. I also had his glucose/insulin/leptin tested and he was normal on glucose, at the high end of normal for insulin, and low intermediate range for leptin. I’m putting him in a grazing muzzle to see if we can get him mid-range instead of high normal. Also wondering if he’s PPID at this point - ACTH hasn’t shown that but he could be, so I’m putting him on Prascend through this seasonal rise period to see if that helps, in case he is and that’s driving the insulin number upward.

Keil Bay is enjoying retirement and definitely still his old self. :)))

Kathleen said...

Hoping you and your mom and everyone are feeling better soon!

billie said...

Thank you!