Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What’s Coming Up In The Garden, 69: hearts a bustin’

 I have a couple of these going into the bird haven space this week. A note - they are beloved by deer so be aware of that when planting. Since these will be inside our perimeter fencing and I’ve not seen deer jumping in since we added the boards with no-climb wire, I think they will be safe. 

More info from NCSU website:

Euonymus americanus 

 This plant has low severity poison characteristics.
See below

Strawberry Bush is a low maintenance deciduous suckering shrub native to the southeastern and southern states. Its common name derives from the showy warty capsules that split open to reveal red-orange seeds in the fall. Spring flowers are small and non-showy but fall leaf color is a showy red. It has a sprawling form when young but matures to a more upright growth pattern.

It is native to wooded slopes, moist woodland and creek or river areas, and is found in a variety of soil conditions ranging from sandy to clay. The typical range is from New York coast all the way south and across Texas and inland to the midwest from all those points.  

The shrub can be grown in a wide variety of soils, including clay, and tolerates both drought and wet soils to a degree. It tolerates being planted near black walnut trees. It frequently sustains damage from deer that eat the foliage and twigs. Fruits and seeds are eaten by birds and small mammals. Plant in a woodland naturalized area for best results.   

Fire Risk: This plant has a low flammability rating.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything is really coming along. The iris and this plant will add to your already pretty garden spaces.

billie said...

Eventually I will post photos, but for now there isn’t much to see in the bird haven area.