Friday, August 06, 2021

November Hill farm journal, 135

A few photos on the farm as we ended the month of July. The lovely gazing pool made by the little bird-and other critters bath.

Joe Pye alongside the bluebird box (that wasn’t used by the bluebirds this year!)

Green-headed coneflowers have done so well this second year! 

Butterly house in proximity to the bronze fennel which came back after last summer’s planting.  

When the deep fuchsia ironweed comes out it’s lovely beside the yellow. Soon!

 I’ve had a busy few weeks and several things simmering to share, so stay tuned!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything looks lovely and peaceful. I think we've all been busy this summer with one thing or another. Can't wait to hear about your new projects.

billie said...

There have been truly peaceful days here this month and I’m grateful for those. Unfortunately we also had a super not-peaceful day thanks to the neighbors’ B and B having a band for a guest’s birthday party, which I find super frustrating as we supported their request to the neighborhood to open their 3-room business. They assured and promised that no one would ever know they were there. Never more than 3 cars, etc. Do I really have to get attorneys involved to insure the actual neighborhood covenants are followed? I hope my reminder to them that they have pushed beyond the boundary of what they promised is the end to this kind of thing.