Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Winter Solstice 2020

 I had grand ideas of what I would do to mark the winter solstice, but in the end, I went out just before sunset to help get the herd in, give Keil Bay his Marquis, and do a little work with my husband on one of Redford’s hooves, which seemed to have a sudden growth spurt (or wasn’t quite trimmed all the way in his recent hoof trim) and was in need of adjustment.

It was a quiet and sweet time, and afterward, we looked for the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn but couldn’t yet see it. 

I peeked out later and spotted this wonder, and overall, that was my solstice celebration!

We have a big week ahead, with my son and daughter-in-law moving their household from north to south. My part will mostly be waiting and holding down the farm here on November Hill. That’s a harder role for me than being actively involved, but it will be sweet and I hope as quiet as a December morning before anyone is up and about. 

The shortest day, the longest night, and now we’re tipped over to increasing our days bit by bit. It has been a dark year in some ways, so moving to more light feels like an important part of this year’s journey.

Happy Winter Solstice! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I couldn't see the "star" it was too cloudy here. But my son saw it by his house and sent a picture. It will be good to start seeing the world lighten a bit day by day in more ways than just getting an extra minute of light day by day. We need to come out of the dark days of 2020. The sooner the better.

Hope everyone has a safe trip home! It will be so good to have them close to you.

billie said...

Yes, you have stated it perfectly! Thanks and hope all in your family circle stay safe and have good holiday times.

Matthew said...

To a much brighter 2021!