Saturday, January 25, 2020

New essay up at the gorgeous Longridge Review

Yesterday my essay, Places I Went With My Dad, was published in the lovely Longridge Review. This piece means a lot to me and I invite you to go and read it:

Places I Went With My Dad at Longridge Review

There are other beautiful essays in this issue as well as stunning art. I hope you’ll go and check it out. If you like what you see, you can sign up for their ongoing editions. It’s a well-curated journal and I’m truly honored to have work there.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations! Great essay! It’s nice to have so many wonderful childhood/teen/adult memories of a special father.

billie said...

Thank you, A!!

Matthew said...

It’s a beautiful tribute to your father and I really appreciated reading it and adding these vignettes to my memories of him.

billie said...

Thanks, Matthew!