Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Creating balance in a busy day

These two try to help me accomplish this task! Sometimes I manage it well but mostly I struggle with finding a way to balance the things that I need to get done, want to get done, and still make the day one of being present in the moment.

I’ve written before that I can usually manage to do three “things” in a day. House, barn, writing. Scheduled things, house, barn. Dogs, house, writing. Gardening, barn, dogs. You get the picture. All the animals get fed, obviously, and basic needs plus some are met, thanks to the help of my husband. I’m constantly juggling things, hoping that somehow I’ll discover a way to make the days longer so I can fit in more than three.

What is a balanced life? I think on the whole I have one, but I often feel like I’m riding the river on a boat with no oars, taking things as they come. Other times I try to impose structure and that works until something outside my scheme of how a day should go pushes in and detours my order. 

Today my mom is here and we’re going to take Clementine the service-pup-in-training to see my daughter’s presentation on her university campus. It’s reaching 85 degrees today so I’ll bring the horses in the barn with fans before we leave, and the Corgis could use a romp before we leave too. There’s laundry that needs doing and lunch before we leave and I’m on a very nice streak with writing time lately so I’d love to get that in as well. This is the dilemma. So many things. 

I figure I’ll get us fed, get the horses in, and give the dogs a romp. Laundry can certainly wait. Writing may get pushed back until tonight. But there’s a film on trees in town tonight with discussion after, and I really want to go to that... see what I mean? 

For this moment I’m listening to the many birds singing like mad on this gorgeous spring morning. The trees are fully leafed out and suddenly November Hill is enclosed again, almost like we’re in a jungle setting, and I’m going to sit here and enjoy it for at least ten minutes before I leap into the next thing. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Life is always busy and seems to fly by. I feel like I don't get all the things done that need doing. But I'm working on it! Too often we forget to sit down and enjoy a few quiet moments to ourselves.

billie said...

Here’s to a fabulous day! I’m going to email you in the next few days with a question about Lyme disease.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds good. I hope I’ll have a good answer. J. Is the expert on it since she’s had it a few times and done tons of research. If I can’t answer the question I’m sure she can.

billie said...

Thanks - will email soon.