Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy holidays from November Hill

It’s being a wonderful holiday for us here. I hope everyone is enjoying time with people you love, good food and drink, and lots of (healthy, safe, happy) antics with animal family. If you will, share your favorite holiday moment thus far. There are more than one for me, but I really loved waking up Christmas morning and having eggs benedict prepared by son while enjoying the wait with my husband, daughter, and daughter-in-law while all the cats, Corgis, and equines surrounded us inside and out. It was sweet and perfect. 


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Cooking Christmas dinner in a warm, festive, brand new house with family - human + non nearby, was a high point. Weather was perfect for sharing afternoon chore duty + distributing holiday treats to the outdoor critters, followed by a long post meal walk and talk. Mostly, words can't describe how much I love the dishwasher (first of my life). Feeling overwhelmed with contentment. ;D

Wishing for a happy and healthy 2019 from our farm to yours!

billie said...

Oh my gosh - so happy for you! Are you sharing photos? Would love to see your new place! Happiest of holidays to you and the crew. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

First of all that kitty picture is priceless, it should be a Christmas card! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. We did the usual. Went over my older daughter's house on Christmas Eve and celebrated with all my children and grandchildren. My husband made his famous cheddar cheese fondue and I brought a few things I make every year. We had a wonderful time with the whole family and extended family. It's just so much fun to see the kids still excited and tracking Santa's progress to their house. Two still believe and two don't but they play along.

On Christmas day we were at the farm at J's house to celebrate with her and the horses. Again, my husband made his famous French Toast, ( he only cooks once a year!) But it's delicious. Then we went home and relaxed by watching the rest of the series The Handmaids Tale. That's it for this year!

billie said...

A, it sounds lovely. Christmas Eve we had tamales with all the trimmings. We had a huge tasting menu dinner planned for last night but after I served my French onion soup and son served an amazing kale/pecan/Brussels sprout dish, we were full and opted to save the rest for today. First year I can remember not making some elaborate dessert either day. We have enjoyed stocking treats and homemade Irish cream but other than that, not much sweet stuff!