Wednesday, September 12, 2018

PSA for those living with donkeys - a couple of great resources

First, this book which I reviewed recently on Goodreads:

The Clinical Companion of the Donkey

And from this book, a link to purchase a donkey weight tape, since the equine ones are not accurate on small ponies and donkeys:

Donkey Weight Tape

I’ve estimated Rafer and Redford’s weight for years and now I can get a lot more accurate about it. The book is a must-have if you live with donkey companions.


Grey Horse Matters said...

If I lived with donkeys I’d look into these things. Stay safe. Looks like it’s going to be a beast of a storm.

billie said...

Thanks re: Florence. It seems to be dipping further and further south with every update which is good news for us but of course not good for South Carolina. I’m on barn water duty today though - in case we lose power - cleaning and refilling my feed room water tank, and probably early tomorrow will get the troughs clean and topped off. Crazy thing is we have had rain the past three days - over two inches - so the rain that’s coming isn’t even needed at this point. I could at least justify needing a few inches to water everything. Anyway, sending out safe thoughts for all in the path and surrounding.