Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Monarda punctata, aka Eastern horse-mint and spotted bee balm

This is the plant I most fell in love with last spring when I took a pollinator plant workshop, the one I ran for at NC Botanical Garden’s plant sale last fall, and the one that has taken my breath away this summer as it has grown, bloomed, and thrived in my pollinator beds.

Recently I had to describe a flower botanically in my botany class and this is the flower I chose. In a nutshell, it’s so beautiful!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It is a very pretty plant. It does look like it’s thriving in your garden. Maybe it knows it’s your favorite and is showing off for you!

billie said...

Thanks! I suspect it does know from all the time I have spent standing there looking at it, that I am fixated! :) I had forgotten I put it on both sides of the driveway - there’s a smaller planting in the upper bed which surprised me last week when I was weeding. Hope all is well up there - we had a cool spell, then heat again, but now leaves are starting to change on a few trees and some leaves are falling, acorns, etc. I’m so so ready for fall this year. Hope you and Rosie are having great rides and that all the work is done. We are into a quiet spell here with not much going on in that respect so I’m loving it. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well I just got home from various errands and it hit 96 on my car temp. Some leaves are turning. We’re still working on cleaning out the barn and rearranging the tack room etc. the indoor is finally finished being painted. They’re working on painting my little house next door at the moment. I think this weekend the barn will be done and ready for the cooler weather. Rosie has been getting more groundwork than riding because it’s just too hot and humid. J. Did take her for a walk around some of the property. It’s nice to have a resident crash test dummy. They both did fine though.cant wait for cooler weather either. What a miserable summer­čśč

billie said...

Oh, ugh, 96! That is hotter than it is here!

Sounds like you’re ready for cool weather and set to have good riding from then on through the winter with the indoor. Tell J hello from me! I hope all is well with her!