Thursday, June 21, 2018

Waiting for rain

We’ve had a stretch of 95+ days here and although there have been pop-up thunderstorms around us, we hadn’t had any rain until yesterday. I was out at the barn checking in on horses, offering cold hosing, filling water buckets with fresh (cold) well water, giving hay, and just hanging out when the sky got dark and the wind began to gust and thunder started up.

One of my favorite things is being in the barn as a storm rolls in on a hot day when we need the break from heat and we need the rain. I quickly rearranged my order of chores to get all the waters done first, then the hay, and saved the mucking for last since I could do that while it rained.

The temperature dropped about 18 degrees and cold air blew through the barn. It felt so good I served their hay under their shelters so they could eat while the cold breeze blew.

In the end we didn’t get a huge rainfall, but enough that we don’t have to water anything today. And since more widespread storms are predicted we will hopefully get another rainfall to add to yesterday’s. I’m keeping a close eye on rainfall for the pollinator beds, the veggie garden, and the inkberry hollies and dogwoods we planted this spring. And I have to keep an even closer eye on the potted plants on the porch. Things dry out quickly when we have this many days of this kind of heat.

The AC install scheduled for yesterday got moved to today - they are running behind, which is understandable. They’re working on it now - installing a totally new system including AC and new gas furnace for the downstairs of the house. The units they’re replacing were original to the house so are 20+ years old. I hope the new ones will be efficient and will last a long time! This wasn’t on my list of projects but I’m writing it in and checking it off anyway.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I also send safe thoughts to children separated from their parents. I’ve written senators and representatives and am trying to read enough to stay abreast of what is actually happening with them. Another piece of the much larger appalling situation our country is in right now.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I feel for you with those high temps. Hope you cool off soon and get some rain. We could use some too, everything is drying out. At least we've been cooler. Glad your AC is being installed at least that's one place to hide out for a while during the heat.

This country is in some shape right now. I don't see it getting any better any time soon. I agree some things are appalling and unthinkable.

billie said...

We’ve cooled down a few degrees and the AC is humming along. :) No more rain, and we still need it, but I watered all the garden beds today and maybe that will draw the rain to us. :)

I don’t even have the energy to tackle a blog post about all the things I am appalled by these days in the United States. I spent a day this past week writing congress folk and they’ve all responded now so I need another chunk of time to respond with round 2.