Sunday, February 04, 2018

November Hill farm journal, 45

A few shots of the new fencing, which is done, and magnificent in my eyes! I love it so much.

There are a few final things to be done, and thanks to the 2 inches of rain we got late last week we returned to Mudville and that set everything back yet again. But all the pasture is secure, the horses are thrilled to have the run of the place again, and very soon we’ll be moving on to new projects. 

Sadly the arena fencing now looks so awful next to the new and the old gates seem so rickety next to the new ones, I think we’re going to have to work on that next! I had a feeling early on this might be the case, but hadn’t planned on dealing with it yet. 

The weather is roller-coastering between warm for the time of year and colder than usual, and we barely, not completely dry out and then more rain falls and we go back to mud. Tomorrow morning there’s a chance of freezing rain (yuck) and I’m just ready for a warming trend and enough dry days in a row so we see a real end to mud for awhile. Keil Bay appears to be lying down, after all my stress about him not, because I’m finding him every mid-morning with huge flat areas of dried mud on his body in the places it would be were he to lie flat out. Which is good news and lots of grooming for me. 

Tonight I’m having some insomnia and have been on Pinterest perusing photos of arena fencing and that morphed into looking at barns that have stained wood doors and windows combined with painted walls and metal roofs. Suddenly I was looking at new Hardie Board and new barn doors with windows and I just had to pull the plug on my own brain with all the ideas and projects.

Today I was in the front field with the herd grooming and dried mud and hairs were flying and that’s where my head needs to be for awhile. The herd mind, not the Billie mind. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sometimes it's good to get out of your mind and go do something mindless. There's just too many places to go and too many things you can think that need doing or improving. I do this all the time and it does keep me awake sometimes.

The fencing looks beautiful! Hope the mud dries up soon. We go from freezing (5 degrees) yesterday to 42 today and rain. Its not good for anybody.

billie said...

Oh dear - 5 to 42 - ugh! I am weary of cold and constant moisture. More rain today and I watched a stream of mud form along the side of the house earlier. Thankfully we have sun tomorrow!