Tuesday, January 09, 2018

After-snow, wintertime blues

We only got two inches, but the difference for us is that the days before and after the snow were well below freezing, so the snow didn’t melt for days, and even when it started to, the ground underneath was still dry. I’m not sure what it is about how the bare winter earth looks after snowfall, but I walked outside yesterday to take a look and became so depressed I gave hay, patted horses, and came right back inside. Granted, I’m still coughing and not myself yet, but still.

I love the winter landscape but it looks awful out there!

We finally broke through the cold spell and today are back up in the low 50s with full sunshine. I expect the rest of the snow will now melt and we’ll have some mud. The only chore it makes sense to do is muck, muck, muck and muck.

Meanwhile the fencing proceeds and my farm and house helpers will be here tomorrow so we should be able to make a dent in the mess.

Just in time for what looks on the weather forecast like days of rain. Sigh.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

We got 65 mph winds, and 4 inches of snow that lasted until today + the longest coldest stretch since I've lived here. I'm just glad the poop piles are not frozen to the ground any longer. :D

billie said...

We were in Corolla right after Christmas and it was frigid. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ice clustering up on the beach before! It is blissfully warm today on November Hill. I’ve got the doors open letting the fresh air inside!