Monday, November 13, 2017

One would think we have barn elves!

Last week I stepped into what is now serving as a storage stall and found this:

If only I had the before picture when they were still hanging in the barn, coated in dust and cobwebs so you could see the comparison!

Alas, not barn elves but my super farm helper who noted that I mentioned earlier last week that “at some point” I would ask husband to get these down so we could clean them. It’s a two-person job in my opinion, the taking down of these heavy fans, and I don’t ask our farm helper to do chores that involve ladders and lifting, but he did it, and I am so grateful.

I guess only someone who has a barn and knows what a pain it is to get these things down and then clean will get how happy I was to see them sitting there like this, but you can substitute one of your most dreaded chores and imagine my reaction. There was no one but me in the barn when I found them but I cheered out loud.

My checklist shrinks without me even knowing it!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Yeah for barn elves! Wish I could find some up here who would take the initiative to help out with a few extra things on their own. You’re very lucky to have found such a great guy.

billie said...

Oh how well we know our good fortune!

Matthew said...


billie said...

I forgot to mention that he also blew the leaves off the barn roof for us - I didn’t even realize that until a day later when I was looking out the kitchen window. :)