Friday, April 21, 2017

November Hill farm journal, 29

The past few weeks have been crazy busy. My son has accepted a very generous offer from Cornell University to its PhD program in astrophysics beginning this fall, and this past week learned he has been awarded UNC-Asheville's Manly E. Wright Award as the graduating student deemed "first in scholarship" by faculty across all departments. He has also been invited to speak at commencement! I'm so very proud of him and happy that his homeschooling journey with us led him to find his way to studying physics and the stars. I am so excited to see where his studies in graduate school take him.

My daughter is equally engaged in her own studies as an undergrad majoring in integrative physiology and neurobiology. She's been busy wrapping up a good semester and will be moving into her sophomore year, which seems unbelievable.

These two have been the human heartbeats of November Hill ever since we moved to the farm. With all the animals we live with there are many heartbeats - but I feel a marked shift in the landscape of November Hill itself as these two move into different life stages, where their interests lead them away from home and its focus.

This week on the farm I'm seeing the intense leafing out of trees and the greening of our property. The lane is no longer visible from the house, nor are the homes across the lane. Our neighbors to the side are much less prominent in our vista. As spring fully takes hold I feel the shift into the time of year when November Hill feels like a jungle, complete with all the little critters one might expect to thrive in such a climate. Ticks, ants, flies, bees, wood roaches, butterflies, moths. The night sounds are huge and symphonic. Bunnies, deer, birds. We are teeming with life.

The arena has taken on a definite green tone, which means it's time to start dragging. I am composting madly and finding the process speeding up. As usual, I feel like I'm about 156 items behind on the to do list, but things will get done.

Bear Corgi and I are still working on his canine good citizen skills. The certification test conflicts with my son's graduation so we'll be taking it at a later date. Stay tuned for the results of that as well as a possible new addition to the family!

I've been remiss with birthdays this month. Apache Moon is turning 17 in a few days, and Keil Bay is officially 28 years old. I cannot believe it. These two were the original equines who made the move with us to the farm and I still remember with clarity the morning they arrived. We led them to stalls filled with shavings and new water buckets and gave them hay and time to settle in. They turned out to the dirt paddock first and then to the back field and then the front. I think we followed them step by step that entire day, monitoring every moment as they explored their new home. They paved the way for Cody and Salina, and then Rafer Johnson and Redford. They have helped make November Hill the haven it is for all of us.

So, spring is here. And I have projects to finish, start, work on. Riding to do. Waters to keep clean and full. Bugs to battle. Plants to keep in line. Before you know it we'll be into summer and those many-shower days.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It does sound like there is a lot going on at November Hill. Congratulations to your son. He's certainly achieved high honors in his chosen field. You must be bursting with pride. And your daughter is achieving much also in her chosen field. They are both wonderful kids who deserve a lot of praise.

As for Spring. We started to bloom here too and with the grass come the ticks. Ginger already had one on her so I'm not too happy about that. You're right about projects, I'm so behind too. I'm hoping to get a start on some of them tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Keil Bay a wonderful guy and Apache Moon. Hard to believe he's 17 and the big bay is 28.May they have many more healthy years ahead of them.

Can't wait to meet a new member of the family when it happens.

billie said...

I was thinking of you today when I sealed the deal. Photos and announcement to come! :)

nuri said...

Well, since I just congratulated you on choosing an adorable canine addition to your family, I just *have* to come back to this post and congratulate you on your son's and daughter's achievements - and your own as a homeschooling mother. In my book, you definitely, absolutely have every reason to feel proud, congratulations! Fascinating and amazing and totally awesome!!
Not to forget your equine birthday "kids" - best wishes for them, for many more healthy&happy years!

billie said...

Nuri, thank you! I am insanely proud of them. I mostly just love hearing them talk about their work and their studies and how much they enjoy it all. So good to see you here today. :)