Friday, February 17, 2017

November Hill farm journal, 27

The front bed is lovely even without my having gotten to it yet!

I noticed earlier this week that there's (36 hours after rain) greening in some areas of the pasture. The daffodils are in full bloom now and the purple crocuses are a bright and beautiful spot in a still muted winter landscape. All over the farm birds are singing and chirping and calling. Equines are shedding. Signs of spring, though it is early and entirely possible we will have more cold weather here, even snowfall. But with another very warm weekend unfolding I decided it's time to pack the rest of the Christmas stuff away, which means the trees and their white lights.

It's also the time of year when I've mostly won the battle of the fallen leaves. There are a few large areas which will hopefully be mulched with the mower but I've done a lot of raking and layering into compost piles and in another month or so will have a lot of rich black compost to rake out. 

I'm inching along with projects. I got word this week that the barn roof and shelter construction should start the end of next week. I need to take the before photos this weekend, and order the weathervane.

As usual, my own projects are snowballing. I still have some work to finish up on the porch, haven't gotten to the flower bed work yet, and it's now nearing time for beekeeping preparation if I am to get bees this spring. The vegetable garden beds need clearing and prepping. The hay tent that has been unused this winter was ripped to shreds by a very hard wind last week and now needs replacing. 

Now, Sunday, and we have gotten a few things done. Husband mucked and removed all leaves and fallen branches from the arena, and I have scraped, sanded, and put two coats of French gray milk paint on the front porch steps. Only issue was one ant bite and I didn't realize until after starting to paint that I should have put Christmas trees away first! But that's okay, I will enjoy the white lights for another week. 

It's a lovely day and I'm calling it a wrap with chores. Time to hang out with Bear and work on our homework. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

You've been busy. We still have snow on the ground so there's no flower spotting yet. It's okay because I don't have to worry yet about cleaning anything out. Your flowers are lovely. A bright spot heralding Spring. I can't wait to see how your barn project comes out.

Matthew said...

Lovely picture of the first spring flowers :)

billie said...

They seem extra pretty this year! And you even went further than my report and installed the new hydrant! Thanks for your work on the farm.

billie said...

A, we have had the warmest winter I remember since having horses as an adult. In some ways it's easier on us than having lots of very cold weather but I know the horses enjoy the 40s so these 60 and 70-degree days are a bit on the warm side for them in their winter coats! I need to take the before photos of the barn and also an after photo of the porch steps!

Matthew said...

Always good to mark one more chore off the list. 🙂

billie said...

Especially since more appear every day it seems!