Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A good ride on the Big Bay

It was warm this afternoon and there were flies and two donkeys wedged themselves between me and Keil and the mounting block but I got on and away we went. Keil and I haven't had a ride since JUNE. I wondered how it would go. Would he be off or disgruntled after so much time or would I be off and uneasy in the saddle?

None of that happened. Keil Bay walked and trotted and I was relaxed with no tight places and Redford donkey went along with us for most of the ride, a little shadow on the inside. The oak tree at F is starting to turn red, in the same spots it always does. The afternoon sun went low in the sky so that as we came around to K we rode directly into the light. Beneath the oak tree at H the leaves this time of year tend to collect, and Keil crunched through them like he was wading through a stream. 

Oh, it was good to be riding him again.

I still don't know how I got so lucky to find the Big Bay. Four months off and not a single issue today. He got two peppermints at the end of the ride and marched to the feed room door when I opened the arena gate and sent him on. He waited for me there and didn't even fuss when he stuck his head in for another peppermint and I gave him his dewormer gel! It was apple flavor but still - what a horse. 

Later when I went to get Cody for his dewormer dose he stood and sniffed it and said, hmmm, no thanks, and politely went from standing still to a big canter through the barn and out the other side where he kicked out his front leg and tossed his head. I think he's ready to get back into work too. 

There's nothing better than standing in the barn aisle cleaning Keil's bridle after a ride and hearing his  hoofbeats as he saunters past, touching me with his nose before he heads out to graze. This is November. Happy days.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That sounds like a wonderful ride on a very special horse! It truly sounds to me like he enjoys your time together whether on the ground or riding in the arena. And I agree with you, if Cody is feeling that rambunctious he might be ready for work.

billie said...

He's such a great guy. I wasn't sure how this first ride would go after so much time off but it was perfect.

Matthew said...

Hope there are lots more rides soon. :)

billie said...

Me too. Might have to get the lights on again by the arena and start The Midnight Rides of Billie and Bay. Sigh.