Saturday, October 31, 2015

a little book stuff

I've linked my GoodReads "currently reading" list to the blog. If you look on the sidebar to the right and scroll down a little you'll see what I'm reading. 

I do very brief reviews on GoodReads if you're interested in seeing more, and longer "formal" reviews for LitChat (you can find those at under the book review tab). 

For the past year or so I have been reading a little physics every morning. My son is passionate about physics (he's a junior physics and pure mathematics major and looking at physics grad schools now) and hearing him talk about it kindled my young science self. I'm often reading at the far edge of my own comprehension but find it a wonderful way to spend a half-hour or so every morning.

I usually read fiction at night before bed.

Feel free to share your book recommendations here. I have piles of books all over the house and my Kindle is packed. And there are new titles coming out every day. But I'm still in denial that I won't ever get to read all the books I want to read. There's a Many Interacting Worlds theory floating now that means I might well be reading books all over the place, and somehow maybe what I'm reading in those other worlds is interacting with me here. 

For those of us who ride, consider the implications! Keil Bay and I are riding Grand Prix somewhere. :)

We had a nice ride today. Still building up to more trotting. Riding through things like Cody cantering up to the arena fence, tossing his head, and trying to nip Keil Bay on the rump, Rafer Johnson knocking the mounting block off its cinder blocks, and cats dashing in and out of the woods at us. Keil was brave and a solid ride through all that but he spooked after I got off when I crackled the peppermint wrappers! 

And tonight:

Halloween graveyard cake! Made with our own sweet potatoes, cream cheese frosting, and a slew of Halloween candy decor. :)


Anonymous said...

I really like Anthony Doerr - he doesn't write a lot but what he does write is really fine. If you haven't read his short story collection "The Shell Collector", it's really excellent, particularly the title story. I'm a big reader of science, too, and some other non fiction as well.

billie said...

Thanks, Kate. I will definitely look at that next. I went to his website to learn more about his work the morning after I started All The Light We Cannot See, and found his interviews and essays to be fascinating. He is a fine writer and interesting person all around.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Oh - I loved All the Light We Cannot See! Our book club read it over the summer. It generated great discussion and Doerr's descriptions transported me. Getting ready to dive into David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest for the next meeting.

I should hope that Val and I are making big strides somewhere out there in the multi-verse lol :D

billie said...

C, I will look at Infinite Jest too. Thanks for the title!

Yes, we are all doing fun stuff in the multi-verse. :)

Matthew said...

You have to add a picture of the graveyard cake :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you and the big bay had a good ride. Figures he would spook at the peppermint wrapper. Ha! They're so silly.

I did like All The Light We Cannot See too. Very good. I just finished Ken Follett's Century Trilogy and found it really interesting. I'm a fan of reading historical type books. Just finished Thomas Jefferson by John Meecham and Team of Rivals by Doris K. Goodwin. I think if I read anything scientific I'd be asleep before I turned the page. Not my best subject in school!

billie said...

I tried! The Cloud did not cooperate. I'll see if it will work now.

billie said...

Arlene, you have reminded me that I still have the last of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series in my possession and as yet hoarded and not read. I got sidetracked with the TV series. I love her combination of history, science fiction/time travel, and rich writing.

Have you read Sara Gruen's latest book? Also historical. I haven't yet but heard from several friends that it is good.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I haven't read Sara Gruens latest yet but will look into it. I've also been reading the Outlander series and really like it. I'm on the fourth book in the series right now. I usually read a chapter in bed before going to sleep. I like the way she writes too.

billie said...

Arlene, I LOVE the Outlander series. I have read through it 3x and had planned to start the fourth read-through from beginning to this new book but haven't done so yet. Recently her publisher put the Kindle set of the entire series on sale for $2.99 and although I have all the hard copies I got it thinking this next read-through I might do it on the Kindle to save my arms. Her books are so delightfully thick and heavy! :)