Friday, August 21, 2015

goldfinch = joy

Today I was scrubbing and refilling the big water troughs in the paddocks and field. I was intent on scrubbing for awhile and then completely attuned to rinsing the tub in the dirt paddock when I felt something looking at me.

It was a goldfinch, sitting on the fence post about five feet away. He looked at me and waited, then hopped down to a lower piece of the fence, still waiting, obviously trying to tell me something. I was charmed. (it's easy to see why a group of goldfinches is called a charm of goldfinches!)

He went to the top of the H dressage marker and suddenly I realized what he wanted. A pool! 

I found a spot where the ground dipped and made him a nice puddle and he flew to it immediately and began dipping his beak in and out. 

I love goldfinches and haven't seen many this summer, so today's visit and conversation was pure joy. 


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

The other day my resident garter snake (Grace Slick) was hanging around the rain barrel - literally hanging. I snapped a picture as she slid down the building and into the chicken palace. (!) The egg count has been suspect lately so I picked her up to redirect. As I was admiring her newly shed iridescent belly, I was struck with the thought that she was very thirsty, so I put her face within reach of the water's edge. As I contemplated left-handed video shooting, she drank and drank and drank. For a full minute. The high point of the long hot summer for sure. :D

billie said...

C, what a wonderful story in every way! Thanks for sharing it. :) Hope all is well with you and Val. We here are so ready for chilly nights and barely warm days.

Anonymous said...

I'm very fond of goldfinches - there are many on our thistle feeders and at our bird bath. The new ones are still doing the flutter/beg routine, but mostly being ignored by the adults.

Their cheerful yellow, antics and song raise my spirits.

billie said...

Kate, in previous summers we have had charms of goldfinches swooping like clouds of yellow all across the pastures from tree to tree. You are so right that they raise spirits!

Matthew said...

One of my favorite birds for sure!

billie said...

Mine too Matthew - and this was my first extra close encounter.