Tuesday, July 28, 2015

spaces between stars

Sometimes we have to go big in our minds to get a different perspective and to inspire ourselves.

I've been re-reading Gary Zukav's The Dancing Wu Li Masters and he's got me thinking about physics and the universe and, today, Euclidean geometry and how it does not work in a four dimensional world.

There is so much more than we know how to say out loud.

But I think all of us who live with horses and feel the magic that happens when we forget all the dressage instruction, all the talk about aids and correct position and biomechanics, when our bodies relax into the horses' motion and everything is perfect, THAT is the work of riding. And it's impossible, really, to explain how to do it or how it works to anyone else. It involves trust and forgetting and allowing.

Same thing with writing a novel.

Same thing with life stages such as being a mother whose children are growing up, young adults now, and trying to figure out what the new role is.

These are big things to think about. My brain is full. So what better to regain my perspective than to focus on the spaces between stars?

This is what I'm pondering today.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think that sometimes there's just too many rules and instructions to follow. It's better to just let things happen naturally and go with our instincts. We wouldn't have "gut feelings" or natural instincts if we weren't meant to follow them, right? Maybe it's better not to over think every situation. I like the idea of being in the spaces between the stars than on them.

billie said...

Me too, Arlene - the spaces between.

Matthew said...

Very astute, giving me things to reflect on...

Anonymous said...

I'm still pondering too!

billie said...

Weird - I just posted anonymously on my own blog. Don't know how that happened. :)