Wednesday, October 29, 2014

*November* Hill

We're a few days out from the beginning of my favorite month and also the month that inspired the name of our little farm, November Hill.

A decade ago we moved Keil Bay and the Little Man and the Corgis to our new home. It was a dream come true for me. As October passed and we began to learn the whisperings of this piece of land, I waited for the right name to come to me. And  then November arrived, and our farm burst into color around us. 

The name November Hill popped into my head and stuck there. And so our farm was christened.

Months later I was looking through Keil Bay's papers and discovered that he grew up on a farm in Virginia. That farm's name was November Hill.

We love it as much today as we did the first year. After a hot, buggy summer and a busy and stressful August and September, I'm looking forward to being here, fully present, enjoying and relishing every single day of November Hill's namesake month.

In celebration, I'm offering a couple of freebies from my published books.

From October 30th through November 3rd you will find these two titles free on Amazon:

Don't Miss The Magic -  a book of essays on the writing (and creative) process

Search For Fox Hunting Red (Little Shoppe of Colors, 1) - a delightful picture book about two little donkeys who own and operate a shop that sells paints 

You can go here for easy "purchase" and download of the ebooks. You are welcome to gift to as many friends as you like during this free period!


Matthew said...

Search for Fox Hunting Red is such an unbelievably cute and lovely children's book!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry I'm a little late commenting. Haven't had the time to read posts for a while.

Love that you found Keil had grown up on a farm named November Hill too. What a coincidence. It's such a great name.

I'll have to check out your books too. Thanks for the offer.

Linda said...

Your header is lovely!

billie said...

Matthew, it's time to get Bluebird Blue up!

billie said...

Arlene, hope all is well up your way. Will look for a new post from you!

billie said...

Linda, thank you. Keil Bay looking over the back fence makes me happy every time he does it. :)