Monday, September 22, 2014

autumn equinox 2014

This morning I rode Keil Bay in the newly-cleared arena. My husband cut and moved all the pokeberry bushes that I had elected to let grow along the arena fence this year, and after that he took the chainsaw and trimmed the oak and pine branches that were hanging low.

Today my ride was completely clear - no ducking and no finding fuchsia stains on my legs after the ride. Keil and I rode with donkeys in tow. We stopped and chatted with Salina, who I feel is always with us out there. We trotted the entire arena today. I am loving being back in the saddle, feeling the breeze, enjoying the lack of sweat.

There was one horse fly out there but it was easily deterred. Somehow once it starts to get cooler they lose their intensity.

I came in and did a few chores and then glanced out at my garden. My summer lunches have been built around whatever was growing. Today I picked the next-to-last watermelon, which turned out to be slightly overripe, so I cut it into quarters and Bear went out and chewed the melon from the rind while I picked a bowl of tiny cherry tomatoes. These are smaller than the ones you buy in the grocery store and they have an intense and lovely flavor. They're perfect for mixing in with chickpeas and feta and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Just the right size for eating without slicing.

The corn is done and the melons are done and the okra is finally slowing down some. We're still getting peppers of all kinds and basil and parsley and the tomatoes. This weekend I'll be clearing out some beds and planting some fall things: lettuces and spinach and chard and brussel sprouts and collards.

I'm waiting on the figs now.

It's been a wonderfully abundant growing season and now we're on to the next.

Pumpkins! And the lovely fall mums. I love this season. Happy equinox to all!


Anonymous said...

Happy equinox to you as well!

This is very much my favorite time of year - cold in the morning, with beautiful clear days in the 70s - who would ask for more?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your garden sounds delicious. There's nothing like fresh off the vine for eating pleasure.

Another wonderful ride too. I just love the cooler weather. It makes me want to get out and do things.

billie said...

Kate, it's hard to imagine a more perfect season for engaging with the landscape and with horses!

billie said...

A, hope you are out and about and enjoying this season too. I was thinking of Dusty and her golden dapples against the fall color. We're not there yet with the fall color but the blue of the sky is definitely September blue now!

Matthew said...

So glad you had such a lovely stain-free ride !

billie said...

Now we're dodging acorns on the ground! But that's just part of October here. :)