Sunday, August 03, 2014

August on the hill

We've had a wild week here. Husband was in the mountains taking landscape photographs and the gravel road beneath the Honda Element collapsed. He rolled 40 feet off the edge and was amazingly saved by the tree saplings which slowed the vehicle and a tree that stopped it, although upside down.

The seat belt held him safely, several windows were broken out, and he was able to climb out and get back to the road where a kind passerby took him to the nearest town for help.

The Element had close to 250k miles and it has been an amazing car. It's gone now and we're looking for the next vehicle. 

The morning after all of the above happened, I woke up to my entire herd on high alert in the front pastures. I went out to check on them and didn't see or hear anything. About 15 minutes later a neighbor's entire herd (four horses, a pony, and two goats) came galloping up our driveway. For about twenty minutes it was total chaos here. My five and those seven were all running and snorting and squealing and the neighbors who own them were not answering their phone. 

Fortunately another neighbor and her husband helped and the herd got home with no mishap.

Today, my brilliant teens are discussing quantum mechanics and calculus and piano and college. Husband, thankfully safe and sound, just brought home a new round bale of hay, photos of newborn piglets. It is mercifully cool outside, overcast and still cloudy, and the needed rain has come to an end. 

Summer's nearing its end. I'm getting ready to plant the fall garden and have four elderberry bushes to plant along the front fence.

And oh! I have forgotten to mention that we've joined in a county-wide solar purchase group and are waiting for our solar assessment for the house and barn. I'm really excited about the possibility of getting the barn entirely off the grid. 


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Scary almost earth-swallowing-incident billie! So glad your husband is okay. Mother nature and the loyal Honda Element saved the day. :D

We've been inundated since Friday. Needed the moisture, but of course it's now bordering on too much - feast or famine in our neck of the woods. At least it's not tropical in nature, and my arena will be solid enough to drag and ride - two silver linings.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That does sound like an exciting week that you didn't need. Glad husband is safe and sound and the herd from next door got home safely.

The solar thing seems like a good idea. I'd like to try and find something for our barn too.

billie said...

A, definitely didn't need! We looked at several different replacement vehicles today and it's just crazy trying to figure out what we want to do. We loved the Element but also like the idea of better gas mileage in a new one.

billie said...

C, glad you have silver linings!! We just now got a little sunshine so are on the drying out end of things, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Wild times! Glad husband is OK - that sounds very scary.

billie said...

Kate, so true!

Matthew said...

It was scary. I'm glad I made it back home to the people I love.

The new (to us) Element should be on its way shortly!

billie said...

Wow - I read it here first! :)

Claire said...

lucky husband!

billie said...

Definitely, Claire - and lucky us by extension!