Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two Horse Tack Giveaway!

My June column, Thoughts From The Barn, is up at Janet Roper's wonderful Talk2TheAnimals site. This month I'm talking about anchoring. The November Hill barn aisle version. :)

Come on over and read the column, tell me what anchors YOU, and sign up to enter the drawing for one of Two Horse Tack's customized bitless bridles!

I got one for Keil Bay last month and it is gorgeous. I'll be ordering one for Cody AND the pony as soon as I can. They also have harness, halters and lead lines, and dog collars and leashes - all available in leather and biothane, with lots of fun ways to customize using different styles and makes of buckles as well as colors if you like to go bright. 

I'm so thrilled with the quality, the options, the customer service, and the terrific price points, I have added Two Horse Tack to my "Companies I Love" page!

I look forward to read what anchors YOU.

GO HERE to read and enter the giveaway.

And here is Keil Bay modeling his Two Horse Tack sidepull bitless bridle, in black leather, with easy buckle black leather reins. It's a warmblood size and fits him perfectly. Also matches his dressage saddle perfectly!

Guess who came running up to get in on the bitless bridle action? Rafer Johnson, the donkey who wants a Two Horse Tack harness! :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Keil Bay looks absolutely gorgeous in that bridle. But you already knew that...

I left a comment on the Talk 2 The Animals page via google. Sorry I can't enter the contest as I don't use Facebook.

billie said...

A, thanks for the comment - do you have to use FB to enter the contest? I didn't think so but I'm going to check right now!

billie said...

A, I checked - the winner will be announced on FB but I will also announce it here and on the column site as well - so please enter if you want to - you don't have to be on FB to enter OR win! :)