Thursday, April 24, 2014

birthdays and beautiful days

We're celebrating two very important birthdays this week. Keil Bay has turned 25 and the Little Man has turned 14. 

We have had horses taking turns grazing down the back yard for me, birthday apples over the back fence, horses literally knocking at the gate wanting to come back in, and big servings of hay last night because the temperature dropped into the 30s!

I stood with Keil Bay yesterday, looking at the sprinkling of white hairs surrounding his eyes and wondering, when did those appear? When did this amazing friend of mine get to be 25 years old? A couple of days ago he galloped full speed up the front hill. I hold my breath and hope with all my best hopes that he lives a long, healthy life. 

Late in the evening, just as dusk fell, I stood with him and when I looked down there was a hawk's feather right at our feet. I picked it up and Keil took in the scent, deeply curious, as if he could still smell the flight left in the feather. He put his nose to mine and we breathed together. Happy birthday, Keil Bay.

The Little Man has been whinnying to me from the pastures, licking my hands, and in lots of other little ways seems to be connecting with me. Does he know his girl is preparing to apply to college? I don't know. I love his attention. He's a happy pony, still young, such a prominent member of our herd. Happy birthday, Little Man.

This morning I hear the cutting machines again. They went until 8 last night and started up at 7 a.m. this morning. But it's a beautiful day so instead of cringing at the sounds of trees being cut and hitting the earth, I went to the garden and harvested a colander full of bok choy. I washed it and sauteed it with a little olive oil, fresh garlic, and salt, then I set it aside in a plate. I made two small (fresh, happy hens, local) eggs over easy and put them on top of the bok choy. A little freshly ground pepper and there was the best breakfast I've had in awhile.

Now on to feed the equines. One of them (like me) "with frosting" as my daughter tells me when she glimpses my silvery hair. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday to Keil Bay and Little Man! My wish for you would be many more happy healthy years together. It's amazing how time flies by and before you know it we've all aged and wonder how we got this old. I've got a little " frosting" too. Luckily gray hairs and wrinkles aren't painful so I can live with them ;)

Sorry to hear about the destruction of the trees next door. I never like to see trees cut down. They should remain part of the natural landscape where they were meant to be.

billie said...

Thanks, A. - I read about a TB who lived to be 52 years old. I would be the happiest gal alive if Keil Bay did that too!!

Anonymous said...

Two birthdays in the same week - how lovely - happy birthday to two wonderful equines!

billie hinton said...

Thanks, Kate! I hope Red is better by now!!!