Tuesday, March 18, 2014

closing in on spring? really?

We have had several stretches of gorgeous spring-like weather, but yesterday and today we're back to cold and ice. It looks like tomorrow we will start the shift back to warmer temps.

The horses and donkeys are alternately grumpy and playful. Keil Bay is looking especially floaty the past two weeks so I'm eager to get some ride time in when the weather warms up.

I have daffodils in full glorious bloom, and the crocuses are done. The tulips are up and but not quite ready to bloom. 

The vegetable beds are clear and I put in some seedlings that looked sort of pitiful initially but are holding their own out there. I need to start some seeds inside but it's hard to get motivated when it keeps getting this cold outside!

I'm hoping this winter is knocking out all the pesky biting insects.

Writing-wise, I am at the end of the first draft of claire-voyant and nearing the end of my second editing pass on Never Not Broken. I'll be starting claire-de-lune, the fourth novel in the Claire Quartet, at the beginning of April and getting these two editing and ready to roll. 

And I think - thought not quite 100% sure - that gluten-free eating is at least partly responsible for my productivity. For more information on this, I highly recommend the book Grain Brain. It's fascinating.

Hope all are well and that we all get some springtime weather very soon. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you've been very busy and productive on all fronts. Good for you.

We haven't seen a flower bud here yet. There's still some snow on the ground and it's cold. Hope your weather warms up and no bugs appear. Hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of Spring.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Congrats on the productivity! I'm interested in checking out that book. I like gluten containing products sooo much that I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't the best for me.

Since I gave up complaining about the weather for Lent... {this spot would be slam full, but shall remain empty}

It hasn't seemed prudent here either, to start seeds w/o a warm indoor space for them. Hopefully spring will be mild to allow for our late start.

Hate to say about the bugs... I've already seen mosquitoes here + ticks on me and the pony. Guess the insect world didn't get the message.

Enjoy the weekend - cautiously optimistic about the conditions lol. :D