Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"a total misunderstanding of the rules" says the Danish Equestrian Federation

Oh dear- it was all a "total misunderstanding" - now, everyone BUT the professional media can "photograph until you drop" at the upcoming Ecco FEI European Championships. Although this press release by the Danish Equestrian Federation (thanks to Epona TV for translating) has already disappeared from their site. Make no mistake, though, Ecco AND the Danish Eq. Fed. still support riding horses with heads cranked to their chests. It's just that certain professional media aren't allowed to photo/video them doing it. Go forth spectators and take photographs, film the riders, film the horses - and enjoy posting the evidence anywhere you like - the Fair Use law says you can do so.
The irony of their statement - a total misunderstanding of the rules - is killing me. 
 READ HERE for Epona TV's take.


Matthew said...

The fact that they backed away from this rules change is great evidence that pressure and exposure make a difference!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Personally, I think they have " a misunderstanding " on how to ride and treat horses fairly and not abusively. They surely know it's wrong or they wouldn't try to hide from the cameras in the first place.

billie said...

Hence my point about the irony killing me. The FEI's own rules absolutely indicate that what is being done to these horses in warm-up and the tests themselves is wrong. If they administered their own rules, all would be fine. But they don't. They make up reasons why it's okay for these riders to do these things - re-defining terms, separating what happens in warm-up from the actual competition rides, etc. They in fact exhibit, in every competition, a "total misunderstanding" of their own rules.

That it is a willful misunderstanding seems clear.

Simply Marvelous said...

A "total misunderstanding"? And no photo/video allowed? That alone should be incentive to keep the heat on their treatment of horses. Riding horses in "straight jackets" is not style, it is cruelty.