Monday, February 04, 2013


With all the crazy weather we're having lately (70s one day, a few days later ice and temps in the teens, high winds, etc.) there hasn't been much riding going on around here. I've been trying to keep horses and donkeys comfortable, clean, warm, and happy, with all the usual help from my dear daughter and husband. 

Salina has been really wanting to be back with the big boys the past two weeks, and we've compromised by allowing her some turn-out with the entire herd each day. This give the donkeys a chance to go off duty and have some wild donkey fun - usually the two of them running like mustangs all over the farm, making metallic sounding squeaks that sound like machinery of some kind and not two little donkeys.

Salina is bossing the pony and hanging out with Keil Bay, and occasionally shifts allegiance over to Cody for a bit. Usually by the time her next meal is served, she's ready to come back into her paddock and barnyard, and the donkeys are just as happy to come with her.

As you can see from the photo, the kittens are growing up. It happens so fast! They are now trying out all the possible sleeping spots in the house, fitting themselves into spaces probably not quite meant for cat naps, which seems to be a major criteria for cats choosing favorite spots. Pixie loves this pot, and she might as well enjoy it now, because she's going to be too big for it soon enough!

I woke up feeling off today, so am hanging out on the bed and watching the horses outside my window. And reading. And playing on the iPad.

For anyone who loves reading and books, head over to Jordan Rosenfeld's blog every day this month. She's counting down the days until her novel, Forged In Grace, comes out, and celebrating with a literary quiz question or two every single day. The winners get copies of different books every day. This Wednesday (February 6th) the winner will get a copy of my Claire Quartet collection. So far, the questions are fun and the giveaways are great! 

Here's the link to go play and win: Jordan's blog

Happy February! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good to hear that Salina is feeling good enough to go out with the herd for a while. Sorry to hear you're a little under the weather but just seeing the kitty in that pot should perk you up a bit!

billie said...

These two kittens have brought so much joy into the house it's impossible to even measure. Every animal here does this on a daily basis, but two kittens take that exponential. :)

Matthew said...

A perfect picture of Pixie in a pot!

billie said...

M, pretty good for the iPad!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Extreme cuteness alert!

Glad Salina's feeling bossy. Hope you're doing better today. Some good riding weather coming this week. :D

billie said...

C, she was being even bossier this afternoon. I noticed that she was doing really supple turns on the forehand, in a way I haven't seen her do lately. She was out all day with the big boys and the donkeys. I let the pony go at the back field alone - periodically I like to rotate everyone (except for Salina) through a few hours of alone time, just to keep it in the mix should something require it.

The good riding weather was here today, so Keil and I rode into the sunset together. He was relaxed and really moving well at the walk, which was all we did today after the days off we've had. He did not want me to get off when I did, but it was dark and our arena light is oh so dim right now. I have to get the electric company out to replace the light.