Monday, December 03, 2012

we're hanging in there and PONY FUN!!

Salina appears to have an abscess - she's eating, moving, doing all the things she needs to do. We're hoping the abscess blows quickly and then we'll look at the pentosan injections Calm, Forward, Straight recommended as a possible treatment for the arthritic knees. It's worth a try!

Otherwise, it is 70+ degrees here right now and we're putting up the Christmas tree. Crazy!

But not as crazy fun as this girl and her pony are having. This made me laugh out loud and I hope it does you too. Pure joy of life here. We all need some of this!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear Salina is doing well and it's only an abscess. Hope it blows soon.

How adorable is that little guy! I've always wanted a miniature but it's not in the cards.

Have fun putting up the tree! We're almost 60 degrees up here too. Crazy weather.

billie said...

He's actually a Shetland - isn't he cute as a pie? So so funny.

Máire said...

Oh I did laugh. Such joy! Thinking of Salina.

billie said...

I love this little pony - he is so so funny and seems like the embodiment of joy to me!