Thursday, February 09, 2012

November Hill Press Loves Readers! A Long Weekend of Fun and Freebies

November Hill Press believes in the power of words, the importance of story, and the vision of the unique voice.

We also love readers, and in appreciation and celebration of St. Valentine's Day we've put together a weekend of fun.

Sometime on Friday February 10th, a light, whimsical, romance-filled short called Passion Flowers and Italians will go live on Amazon, and as soon as it does, it will go on free promo for 5 days.

On Saturday and Sunday, Signs That Might Be Omens will be free.

And on Sunday, claire-obscure will be free as well.

Friday through Wednesday, book one in the middle grade Magical Pony School series, Jane's Transformation, is going on sale for 99 cents. And remember: although this was aimed at middle grade readers, it has appeal for horse lovers of all ages.

There's something for everyone!

I think Passion Flowers and Italians would make a nice valentine. In fact, it's OUR valentine to everyone who has supported November Hill Press over the past year. We appreciate it, and we thank you!


Grey Horse Matters said...

This sounds like a wonderful fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Thanks, I'll check it out.

billie said...

Thanks, A - so appreciate all your support for the books!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Billie. I've got Signs That Might Be Omens on my Kindle now, alongside Claire Obscure. I'm enjoying both very much.

billie said...

You are most welcome, Kyle - so glad you're reading these and honored that you are enjoying them!