Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am Bog Woman

The rain started in this morning, and we weren't quite dry from the last rain, so immediately the ground got saturated and everything has turned to mud. Except for the lovely shelter area and just outside it, where we completed our small gravel project. I'm looking forward to doing the next phase.

I dreaded going out this morning. If I were a person not living with horses I wouldn't have, but as many of you who visit me here know, the path to the barn is one walked many times a day whether it's sunny, wet, snowing, or frigid.

My Bogs muck boots that I got for my birthday last year have already cracked completely through. It's not been a year yet. The cracks started about 3 months ago, so although they have a wonderful, whimsical blue on brown paisley pattern, they didn't withstand the day in- day out wear that anyone with horses at home puts in.

As I went about my morning chores, each time I went out into the rain I stepped into mud and cold water, which began to seep into my boots and soaked into my socks. This happened a few days ago when I was wearing an old pair of socks and I didn't like it but for whatever reason it didn't send me into orbit.

This morning I was wearing a new pair of socks I got at our local co-op. Organic cotton, a lovely burgundy color, with hearts and the words "choose love" on the sides. That the wet muddy water was seeping into these brand new socks sent me right over the edge. Not to mention the fact that I had no waterproof head gear, and the fleece jacket I wore kept me warm but not dry. My thighs were damp from walking in the rain with the muck barrow.

After an hour of drying out inside I headed to the feed store. I needed to pick up our raw milk, needed to check on my special order oats, and by gosh, I intended to purchase some rain gear.

I wore the old standby Muck brand solid black muck boots out of the store. I've owned two pairs of these since we moved to November Hill and while they did eventually wear out, they lasted about 3 years each. I got my money's worth out of them. I wish they would make some colorful ones, but they all end up dirty anyway, so... black is fine.

I also came home with a chocolate brown Outback oilcloth rain poncho. It has a huge front pocket with a heavy duty zipper and snaps all the way up both sides. It has a very nice hood. It makes a satisfying swoop as I walk.

I also came home with a bright sunshine yellow Outback scrunchy rain hat. I would have chosen a more understated color, but they only had my size in yellow. And the yellow one has a nifty velcro pouch where one could put a key, or a credit card, or something small and lightweight. I figured if I conk out in the back field I will be easier to spot with that yellow hat on.

When it was time to go out and do more barn chores, I suited up in my new rain gear. My son informed me I looked like a Bog Woman. Well, okay. I guess that's where I am in my life right now. I wasn't even offended. In some ways, being a Bog Woman has a certain nice ring to it. A certain status. I am a woman who can walk through bogs. Or at least muddy paddocks.

When I got to the barn the donkey boys ran, snorting and spinning. They did eventually come back to sniff my outstretched hands, ensuring that in fact it was ME underneath the gear, but they were not pleased with my swooping poncho. Salina seemed slightly alarmed by the yellow hat, not fearful, but slightly incredulous that I would choose that color.

Cody and Apache Moon were in the back field and they galloped in to see me at closer range. They weren't afraid, but it was clear they were not impressed. Only the Big Handsome Bay walked up to me normally, sniffing the new gear, interested but unconcerned as I led him over to the other side of the barn for a change of venue on a long rainy day.

And then I went on with my chores. Fixing a piece of fencing, mucking, checking troughs, closing gates, dumping, etc.

More rain fell. But I was DRY from head to toe.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I'm glad (laughing with - not at) to hear that favorite socks getting puddle soaked can send you over the edge. I was undone last week trying to recoil a stiff, kinky, frozen hose... completely undone. ;)

Your rain headed our way. Timely use of weather radar alerted me to a couple of sucker slots. One for dog walk, one for pony chores.

Glad the equines weren't too thrown off by your bog lady disguise lol.

Ace hardware carries a muck boot much like Bogs but plain and hearty... and cheap.

billie said...

:) Those hose issues can do it to me as well!

Thank you for the Ace rec - daughter needs some muck boots and it would be nice to go whimsical w/o spending a small fortune!

Hope the rain gets out of here soon for both of us so we can get on with the things we want to get done! What a mess it is out there right now. But hey, we are not having a drought, so there is that to be grateful for!

Grey Horse Matters said...

We're raining up here too. What a muddy mucky mess. Glad to hear you got good rain gear to keep you warm. As for the herd checking you out and Salina being a little startled by your choice of color, what can I say everybody's a critic these days!

Matthew said...

"Bog Woman" -- I love it!

billie said...

A, she was looking at me like: I can't believe you are wearing that hat! Fashion police! LOL. Let's hope we all dry out over the weekend.

billie said...

Matthew, I guess you are trouble if you don't love it, given you are Husband of Bog Woman.


Victoria Cummings said...

Three years is about as long as my muck boots last too. I'm glad that I didn't buy those fashionable ones that Bogs makes - I was really tempted. I think I'm going to go over to Ace Hardware and check out their selection. For us, it's the frozen ground that causes the soles of the boots to tear. I so know how you felt when those great new socks got soaked! I just got a new Mountain Horse parka for Christmas that makes me look like Nanook of the North. Barn comfort comes before fashion, always!

billie said...

Oh.... enjoy that parka - I have wanted that one for a couple of years but knew I would not need it more than a small part of the year. Although right now we're finally getting some winter temps so for this week I could use it!

Máire said...

I am laughing - in sympathy - at this post. My Aigle wellies, for which I paid a crazy amount of money trhee years ago have finally sprung a leak and I have been wearing very thick socks to compensate. They are a very boring green colour however.

I like the sound of that hat!

Oh, and I would also love to see a photo of your gravel area if you ever have one.

billie said...

Maire, it is amazing how much more stamina I had when I was able to stay DRY while completing chores!

I will get some photos soon of the bits we've done. It is taking us forever but w/o a dump truck and a mover we have to pace ourselves and our backs. Mostly husband's back, as he is the one who does the unloading!