Sunday, August 28, 2011

checking in post hurricane!

Just wanted to say that we are fine, the sun is shining, and we on November Hill were lucky to be on the very outer edge of Irene's effects in NC.

Stay tuned later in the week as I return from hiatus with some changes to the blog - nothing major, but I'm trying to make things a bit more seamless between my website, November Hill Press, and camera-obscura, which may end up being renamed as November Hill Farm.

Growing pains! Ease of use for me and hopefully readers.

Hope all are well - see you later in the week.


Grey Horse Matters said...

We were just wondering how you made out during the storm. Glad everyone is okay. Looking forward to your new blog sites.

billie said...

Thanks for checking in, A. I'm starting to spin the gears for blogging again this week.