Sunday, June 05, 2011

Epona TV answers every possible question about the Craig Schmersal debacle

GO HERE to read the editorial.

And if you are Purina or Spalding, please read it and most especially click on the link they have provided to the Cease and Desist letter they received by Schmersal's attorney. Unless Craig has an attorney who acts on his behalf without his knowledge or permission, this is clear evidence that in fact Craig DID threaten legal action.

I have been told that Craig has denied having done so. If the video of Craig's riding alone is not enough to bring about a re-examination of company sponsorship, does the fact that he lies to you make any difference?

Epona TV's goal is to document what happens at the upper levels of equine sport. They did not target Craig Schmersal in particular - they simply aimed their cameras at what they recognized to be abusive riding.

My goal is to vote with my credit card, giving my business to companies that stand squarely on the side of the horse and of riders/trainers who use humane training methods, humane horse-keeping practices, and who sit on the horses' backs who win them fame and money in a kind, respectful fashion.

And my secondary goal is to make the information I uncover in my effort to do this available to anyone else in the world who wants to read it and do the same.

Spalding has promised me an official response on Monday. Purina has promised nothing, but I will ask them again if they would like to address this given Epona's editorial.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Very well written editorial from Epona.

Anyone who even tries to justify such harsh training methods needs to take a long hard at what they see in the mirror.

Once the the rider / trainer / owner's pursuit of fame + money leads to disregard for the welfare of the horse, humanity is diminished as well...

Grey Horse Matters said...

I really liked the Epona article.

I agree with CFS and don't have much to add to what she said.

Matthew said...

Looking forward to hearing some (hopefully!) good news from Spalding and Purina.

ponymaid said...

billie - it all seems so clear and yet one wonders what the end result will be. Mammon does not like being denied...