Saturday, April 23, 2011

trim notes april 2011

We had our trimmer out yesterday and enjoyed a couple hours of conversation about horses' hooves as well as some equine entertainment provided by the November Hill crew.

First up were two young donkeys who lined up in perfect formation, ears at full alertness, in front of B. I have written before how much they love him, and yesterday they stood gazing up at him like two soldiers in front of their general. They love going first.

Rafer lined up in the middle of the barn aisle and presented each hoof one by one. Redford went next and presented each hoof until the last one, which he seemed to think had already been done and he wanted the next part in the process: the alfalfa cookie. A few words and a pat and he was soon back in trim mode.

Salina, who has some trouble with getting her fronts trimmed, had a great day of trimming. She's been moving more and enjoying spring and I think this helps when it comes time for her trim. She was of course kept company by the donkeys, who always want to make sure she's covered on all sides when she's getting any kind of "treatment." Her trim is always a family affair, which she loves.

Keil Bay lined up to go next. He can be fussy - he knows all too well what comes at the end - but yesterday he was very patient and lifted each hoof before being asked for it. He wanted more after the cookie - trim more, treat more!

But it was Cody's turn. Cody was calm and easy to trim. Of all the hooves today only Cody's needed comments. He had a solar "plug" that looked to be the place where his abscess a few months back came through. It came through up at the heel AND the sole, which I guess is good because hopefully whatever needed to be cleared out, got cleared. We spent a few minutes looking at the plug spot and talking about how the hoof works to get healthy. This kind of conversation is good for me, as I tend to catastrophize anything relating to the feet. Knowledge is power, and I love learning more about hooves. Over time I'm not so reactive when I see something happening!

Cody has lost some concavity and his soles seem thinner right now. With his PSSM issues, I always try to keep a close eye on what's happening with him. We'll see what happens as we move forward into spring/summer. He's moving well in the field and under saddle, so whatever is going on is subtle.

Apache Moon walked out of his stall with a bit of circus pony flair - doing a one-sided Spanish Walk. I have no idea what that was about, but he was definitely expressing himself. I wondered if something might be amiss in that particular front hoof, but it wasn't, not that was apparent, and he's been moving wonderfully with daughter, so... I think he was just showing off. He too was extremely good while getting his trim.

Everyone was happy and mostly healthy today. The one thread that ran through the entire hoof trimming session was that one November Hill resident kept trying to steal horse cookies! If you're like my husband you guess:

Redford!! - no

Rafer! - no

Apache Moon... - no

Cody? no

Keil Bay - said with "oh, that Bay" tone - no

Salina??  - said with confusion - she is just not that kind of horse! - NO

So, WHO?

Dickens E. Wickens, feline cowboy extraordaire!  He spent the entire time jumping up to the ledge and cramming his head into the bag. Finally, at the end, B. offered him a cookie and he licked it and then tried to sink his teeth in!

I don't know if he wanted one for himself or wanted to squirrel it away to use as a training tool in his work with his herd.

Great trim day on the Hill.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a good trim day all around. Glad to hear that Salina is feeling well and she was surrounded by her boys. I love that it's a family affair with the three of them.

I would have guessed the big bay was trying to steal the cookies not Dickens. Very funny and cute.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Great post! Sounds like a good time was had by all - especially the honorary equine ( at least when it comes to treats) ;)

billie said...

Arlene, I would never have guessed Dickens either! Not with all the equine cookie monsters who live here!

billie said...

C, it was fun. We enjoy our trim days!

Michelle said...

Gotta watch out for those "cat" burglars!! lol...I crack myself up. =)

billie said...

You crack me up too! LOL!